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The Regret This Gentle Dog Has For Accidentally Punching Her Human Will Thaw Your Frozen Heart

Most dogs are playful, rambunctious, and filled with energy. Sometimes, this can lead to some hilarious household trouble! And when this sweet pup accidentally knocked her owner in the face, their display of apology was too precious not to forgive her.

Bertha The Gentle Giant

Bertha is practically the cover photo for “dog is man’s best friend.” This sweet Bernese Mountain Dog/Saint Bernard mix is as precious and sensitive as canines come. Still, while she’s always well-intentioned, Bertha sometimes struggles to stay on her family’s good side.

Though Bertha is super gentle, her size and energy can make her a bit rambunctious. She’s earned the reputation of being “60% brat, 40% good girl” for her various shenanigans around her house. But what exactly makes Bertha so prone to creating trouble?

Half Sweetie-Pie, Half Troublemaker

Bertha may be super loving, but she’s also all for goofing around. This ball of fluff has found herself in many compromising positions by behaving like a massive puppy. She gets into the trash, rolls in the mud, and leaps on the couch like she owns the place. However, recently, Bertha’s actions took her owners by surprise.

Bertha’s owners know that they have to play with Bertha plenty to get all of her energy out. And with a dog as big as Bertha, there are bound to be a few rowdier play-sessions along the way. A few days back, Bertha and her mom were goofing around on the couch when Bertha got a little too excited!

No Way Not To Forgive Her

While Bertha and her mom were messing around, the massive pup accidentally smacked her mom right across the face with her massive paw. Bertha hit her so hard, she left a huge red mark on her face! But while most dogs might keep on playing, Bertha immediately regretted what she had done.

She sulked to the other side of the couch as her mom documented the dark mark on her cheek. When she turned to Bertha and questioned her about hitting her, she adorably covered her face with her paws in shame! Obviously, after such a cute display, Bertha was forgiven for the painful whack. But there’s no doubt she’ll stir up more precious trouble in the future.

Check out the video on Betha’s Instagram, @buttedebertha.

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