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People Can Actually Rent Bouncy Castles For Their Weddings

When it comes to weddings, the newlyweds-to-be typically go all out (well, the brides mostly). Everything from flower arrangements to food and cake to the music is carefully mapped out to match the couple’s tastes. Some couples have even added photo booths and wedding games to add a little more fun to the reception later. Well now, people can add one more great thing to their ceremony: a  wedding bouncy castle!

The Grand Idea

Entertainment companies in the United Kingdom have added a little more excitement to a couple’s big day by incorporating these bouncy houses. The idea was initially to help entertain small kids at wedding receptions. After all, as a kid, weddings and receptions can be really, really boring. So the castles would give them something exciting to do to keep them occupied.

Facebook / A Wedding Wonderland

However, adults ended up wanting to get on the fun too! So UK companies like A Wedding Wonderland and Mr. Bouncy Castle began creating customized bouncy houses specifically for weddings. Newlyweds and guests use the opportunity to bounce around as well as take some cool pictures.

The Size And Price

The castles typically measure about 17 feet by 20 feet by 13 feet–the perfect size to jump around outside. These companies first offered regular kiddie bounce houses that were colorful and character-inspired. However, now they match a couple’s happily ever after motif with decorative flowers, drapes, and lights fit for a wedding.

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The castles typically cost about $400 to rent, but that’s a small price to pay for this unique wedding treat! There’s one major catch though…

Limited Availability

The only bad thing about this great wedding idea is that these bouncy castles are currently only available in the UK. People didn’t realize that and soon began contacting these event companies for international shipping.

Facebook / A Wedding Wonderland

Though A Wedding Wonderland co-owner Paul Smith couldn’t oblige international customers, he was pretty impressed with how fast the word spread about these fancy castles!  “It’s been absolutely astonishing and very humbling,” he mentioned in an interview. “It seems as though it’s suddenly come out of nowhere and really shows the power of social media because we haven’t advertised anywhere else yet,” he said.

Hopefully, these bouncy castles make their way across the globe soon!

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