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More Than 100 Rental Goats Escaped And Invaded An Idaho Neighborhood

One bright summer morning, residents from a small Idaho town were enjoying their coffees and getting ready to go to work when they heard something unusual. They heard the bleats from dozens of goats eating their way through town. As it turns out, that’s the goat’s job: lawn maintenance. These goats, though, weren’t hired to clear the whole neighborhood.

Who Needs A Lawn Mower?

When people want to clear weeds and debris out of their large plots of land and gardens, there are a few options for them to choose. They could lay down some herbicide, dig them up with a bull-dozer, hand pick them or hire goats. That’s right, hire goats. Goats will eat anything, and the great thing is they can digest anything too, so they’re specially equipped to clear large parcels of land.

That’s where We Rent Goats come in. Based in Boise, Idaho, We Rent Goats rents out their goats to help landowners tackle big weedy problems. On this particular day, the goats decided they weren’t going to wait for someone to hire them. They were getting to work.

Ultimate Workaholics

The goats at We Rent Goats didn’t have enough to do with their time, so they trampled their fence and got to work. More than 100 goats plowed through the small neighborhood eating everything in sight. They were working for free!

They didn’t care they weren’t getting paid in money because they were getting paid in weeds and grass. What could be better for a constantly hungry goat?

Round ‘Em Up

When the folks at We Rent Goats caught word about their renegade workers, they arrived in their trucks to round them up. Members of the neighborhood teamed up to corner the goats onto one lawn to make it easier for them to load for the trip home.

The goats were happy to go back home after a filling morning, and everyone in the neighborhood had a good laugh. Nobody was upset the goats ate their lawns, and We Rent Goats got some unintended advertising. A productive morning!

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