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This Terrified Rescue Dog Finally Accepting Loving Human Touch Will Have You Sobbing

Many shelter dogs have lived dark, difficult, and frightening lives. While some have known nothing but abuse or a hard life on the streets, some have never even had the chance to genuinely interact with a human being. Luckily for this pup, it wasn’t too late to know love!

Bernard’s Heartbreaking Story

Bernard—a fluffy, massive mutt—was raised in a neglectful and careless environment. He had never been pet, cuddled, or loved, and he was beyond terrified when someone tried to pet him for the first time!

Bernard was saved by the rescue group, Dogs Deserve Better, back in 2014. But, by then, a fear of humans was already instilled into his mind. Although Bernard had given up on humans, they refused to wave the white flag on Bernard!

Cowering In Fear: Earning Bernard’s Trust

Even though they had saved his life, Bernard was terrified of his rescuers. He went out of his way to avoid their touch every time they tried to approach him. However, they were willing to put in the time to earn Bernard’s trust and respect!

One of his loving rescuers took the first step when it came to teaching Bernard about love. With a camera rolling in one hand, they filmed the beautiful moment that Bernard finally let go of his fear!

Teaching The Trusting Bernard About Love

Although he flinched away in distress at first, the rescuer carefully approached until she finally got a hand on Bernard’s head. What went from fear in Bernard seemed to turn to a bit of trust. The rescuer was amazed at Bernard’s sudden sweetness— but that was only the beginning.

The rescue team continued to love on Bernard and restore his faith in humankind. After a few weeks of training and teaching him about the good in the world, Bernard was put up for adoption. Though it was a long journey to become trusting, he quickly found a sweet mother who surrounds him in love every day!

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