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Rescue Dog Credited With Saving Family From Middle-Of-The-Night Gas Leak

Most dogs owners agree that dogs are very smart. Service animals can alert their owners if their blood sugar drops or if they are about to have a seizure. Guide dogs act as eyes for the blind. Greta, a German shepherd, may not be a service dog, but she saved her family’s life.

Greta’s Story

Greta is a German Shepherd, and she is also a rescue dog. Although German Shepherds are very popular dogs, it took a long time for Greta to get adopted because she had a few problems in her past.

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She found the perfect forever home with a family of three in Delaware that already had four other dogs. Greta’s owner, Ken Walsh, is a dog trainer, and he helped her work through her issues. Now, she’s a well-behaved dog.

A Bad Situation

Dogs don’t always go to sleep when the humans do, which would turn out to be more than lucky for the Walsh family. After everyone went to sleep, the dogs were still playing downstairs. One of the dogs was trying to jump onto the kitchen counter when something really dangerous happened.

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The dog’s leg got caught on the line that connects the gas stove to the propane tank outside. The dog wasn’t hurt, but propane started to slowly leak into the air that all five dogs and three humans in the Walsh family were breathing. People and animals can die if they breathe in too much propane.

Greta Barks Away

Of course, none of the dogs knew exactly what was happening, but, when the propane started to smell strong, Greta took action. She began to bark and bark, and she didn’t stop until her owners came to see what was wrong.

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Greta’s dad immediately smelled and saw what was wrong as soon as he came downstairs. He quickly reattached the disconnected propane line. The entire family lived thanks to Greta’s quick thinking!

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