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Adorable Rescue Kitten Helps Boyfriend Pull Off ‘Purr-fect’ Proposal

Do you like stories that melt your heart and make you go “aw?” If so, then you’ll fall in love with the account of this animal-loving guy’s adorable proposal, which all played out with the help of an adorable little kitten named Gandalf. When it comes to professing love creatively, one woman was in for the most purr-fect proposal.

Building A Furry Family

Jerad Forsyth and Kat Woodley shared a common love for animals. After the couple connected on a blind date in late 2014, they spent two years together with their dog Shamus. The couple didn’t have any human children yet, but they had a strong desire to grow their family of furry children.

Kat Woodley - kitten proposal

Kat Woodley

Jerad decided to hatch a plan that would involve adopting a new kitten, and a surprise for Kat that she’d remember forever. Jerad placed a call to the Erie County SPCA and let him know his intentions.

Getting Gandalf

It was there Jerad learned about Gandalf, an adorable gray kitten with the sweetest eyes and the softest coat. Little did Kat know, but the adorable little bundle of fur would be the newest addition to their home. However, Jerad wanted to induct the tiny kitten into the family in an unforgettable way – by having him play wing-man for an epic proposal.

The SPCA Serving Erie County, NY / Facebook

When it was time for Gandalf to be picked up, Jerad told Kat he had to be at work, so she went alone to the SPCA to pick up the new kitten. When filling out the final paperwork for adoption, the SPCA asked Kat if she would mind helping out with a video to support animal adoption. Kat, of course, happily agreed to support the SPCA’s adoption promotion.

Put A Tag On It

While getting ready to film for the SPCA, and Gandalf patiently waiting in Kat’s arms, the SPCA staff asked for Kat to take a closer look at Gandalf’s collar. They wanted to make sure that Gandalf’s tag on his collar was just right. When Kat took a closer look to check on her new furry family member, she got the shock of her life.

Love Meow

Suddenly, Jared walked in and got down on one knee. Gandalf’s tag read, “Will You Marry Me?” Of course, Kat said yes to Jared and the ring! The newly engaged couple was celebrated with smiles and well wishes for their future marriage and their new rescue kitten addition. The pair wed in December 2017. Although Gandalf the cat wasn’t in attendance, we’re sure his part in getting them to the alter will never be forgotten.

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