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Impossible Rescue Of A Toddler Earns Migrant Hero French Citizenship

Recently, the unthinkable happened: a toddler in France spotted dangling from the over the edge of a building’s balcony. Nearly everyone was certain the kid wouldn’t be able to hold until help arrived. Little did anyone know that there was a hero in the crowd!

An Impossible Mission By A Real-Life Spiderman

A few days ago, a horrified group of citizens gathered beneath a residence building to figure out how to help a toddler who had somehow gotten stuck clinging to the outside of a porch. Neighbors were attempting to help, yet the young kid was out of their reach.

Then, the brilliantly unthinkable happened. Mamoudou Gassama—a Malian immigrant and real-life Spider-Man—jumped into action to save the life of the child before they could fall. He somehow managed to use nothing but incredible arm strength to scale four stories of a building and rescue the hanging toddler!

An Insane Yet Successful Rescue

Even more impressive: the hero performed this impossible feat in under 30 seconds, and the child he rescued was unharmed! Though both Gassama and the kid were shaken up, Gassama sustained only mild injuries from his wild rescue mission. Had he climbed up a few seconds later, who knows what the fate of the toddler may have been?

Thankfully, Gassama’s heroic act didn’t go unnoticed! French President Emmanuel Macron was amazed by the young man’s selfless actions and invited him to meet up at Elysee Palace. But, the invitation was more than an expression of gratitude!

Recognition For His Jaw-Dropping Courage

During their meeting, Macron was quick to award the young man with a medal for bravery and make him an honorary French citizen. He even joked that the fire brigade would be enthusiastic to welcome the strong young man on— and they did!

Gassama told Macron that he was running on pure adrenaline, though it seems like he’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved