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Genius 24-Year-Old Has Brilliantly Resolved The Chicken Or The Egg Debate

For years, a question has haunted the philosophers of the world: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This has been disputed from about every imaginable angle, and most arguments have ended in a bitter stalemate— but a 24-year-old multi-millionaire may have finally settled the decades-long debate!

The Chicken Or The Egg: A Decades-Long Argument

When it comes to an argument as complex as this one, there are certain to be hundreds of equally intricate theories! Though all chickens hatch from eggs, the origins of the world’s first chicken are disputable since chickens are required to lay eggs to breed more of the species. If your head is spinning, you’re not alone—but someone has finally stepped forward with a reasonable argument!

Vitalik Buterin: Millionaire With A Sharp Mind

Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency, and is worth approximately $200 million. He isn’t all business, though, and he loves to engage with the Twitter community with his strong, vibrant, and hysterical personality. He has a reputation for his solid and well-structured arguments. Recently, he decided to tackle one of the largest debates in the history of biology!

Tackling Omnipotent Entities: “Now You Know”

Despite his vast knowledge of cryptocurrency, Buterin is incredibly well-versed in other subjects. Last week, he tried his hand at tackling debates in philosophy. After stating his beliefs about the powers of an omnipotent being, many followers and fault-finders jumped into the debate. When the chicken v. the egg was brought up, Buterin offered an incredible answer!


A Brilliant Debate: “The First Chicken Egg Came Before”

“You’d have to pick some genetic dividing line to distinguish chicken v. non-chicken,” he explained in a Tweet. “Since as I understand most genetic rearranging happens at conception, it’s likely the first chicken egg came before the first adult chicken.” The argument for this issue is as solid as they come— but he didn’t quell his genius there!


Showing Off His Skills: Extending To The Universe

Buterin also extended his theory to the rest of the universe, saying that there are worlds where his argument may not apply. “For example, suppose…most genetic mutation happens *around birth.* Then, the first adult chicken likely came before the first chicken egg.” It’s clear that this business mogul is brilliant beyond the world of technology and we can only wonder what impossible debate he’ll settle next!


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