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These Popular Restaurants Have Secret Pet Menus To Pamper Your Pooch

Social dogs love to spend time out of the house with their owners. If you get hungry when you’re with your four-legged friend, try one of the restaurants below. They offer safe and delicious treats you can order for your best fur friend while you get something for yourself.

Starbucks: The Puppuccino

Are you looking for a refreshing cold treat for you and your dog? Starbucks has you covered. They offer a drink called “The Puppuccino”, one of the best-known canine secret menu items. Its basically a cup of whipped cream but your furry friend won’t care. He’s going to lap it up in under a minute or less.

Sonic: Drive-In Doggie Treats

Your dog probably loves to go for a car ride every chance they get. If you have them with you when you’ve pulled up to the Sonic Drive-in, don’t leave them out of your order. Ask for a dog treat when you ask for your burger, fries, frozen limeade, or whatever you happen to crave.

Shake Shack: Poochini

Shake Shack’s Poochini is vanilla custard with peanut butter sauce topped with a dog biscuit. Sometimes there’s an extra charge for this snack. It sounds so delicious that we wouldn’t blame any human who ordered an extra for themselves, removed the dog treat, and enjoyed it while their pup had one too.

Johnny Rockets: Dog Burger

This 1950’s diner-inspired restaurant has something decidedly different— a burger for dogs. Ask for it when you sit down at the counter, booth, or table. It’s also worth asking what kinds of choices your pooch may have. Some Johnny Rockets restaurants have menus with up to 20 items for canine customers.

Culver’s: Ice Cream Sundae for Dogs

The Culvers chain, famous for its Midwest-inspired butter burgers and custard, doesn’t leave out the four-legged friends of their customers. When you treat yourself to lunch or dinner at the drive-thru, ask for a milk bone. It often comes with a scoop of their ice cream on the side.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved