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Guy Needed One Million Retweets To Adopt A Puppy And The Internet Delivered

Social media can be an overwhelming storm of criticism and unkind comments. However, it also has the power to do good! When this kid asked his mother if he could bring a puppy home, she was immediately resistant to the idea. But, could she say no to 1,000,000 people?

A Million Retweets: Conditions For Puppy Adoption

For dog-lovers, going into a puppy adoption event is the ultimate test of temptation. Ryan Sesselman stopped by his local pet store during one of these events, and he fell in love with a little puff of fluff as soon as he picked them up! However, he needed the green light from his mother to bring this pup home.


Having already adopted two dogs, Ryan’s mother rejected the idea of a puppy. However, Ryan refused to give up. He asked how many retweets it would take to bring the canine home. His mother set the bar higher than what seemed humanly possible: one million retweets. While Ryan was uncertain that he could accomplish the task, he figured it was worth a shot!

Ryan’s Amazement At Hitting The Mark

Without much hopes of being successful, Ryan posted pictures of the puppy on Twitter and asked for the help of his followers to get the dog. Across the course of a couple of days, Ryan’s tweet went from 222 retweets to his required 1,000,000! The tweet wasn’t just beneficial for the pup, though.


By the end of its run, Ryan’s plea was the 10th most-retweeted tweet in history! For an average Joe, the popularity of Ryan’s message was astounding. People across the internet were motivated to get that puppy a home! However, Ryan would first need to say if his mother would stay true to her word.

“Anything Is Possible”: Bringing The Miracle Puppy Home

After getting over the initial shock of Ryan’s massive amount of retweets, his mother reluctantly agreed to meet the canine. But, when she laid her eyes on the scruffy little angel, she fell head-over-heels just as Ryan had! Soon, they were signing the paperwork required to bring the puppy home.


While it may have taken the help of one million people, the little dog, Milli, is finally with her forever family! Her days are spent snuggling and playing with her humans. However, her internet fame isn’t likely to wear off anytime soon. Ryan is still as shocked as he is overjoyed. “Anything is possible… it’s truly incredible how well this turned out.”

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