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This Reunion Between A Baby Koala And Her Mom Will Warm Your Heart

A baby koala was separated from her mom for a few days. Cold and alone, the cub was discovered by a couple in South Australia, who fed and cared for her. However, their love couldn’t compare to the baby koala’s mom. When the couple finally found the mother, the reunion between her and her baby was absolutely incredible!

All By Herself

The baby koala, still growing and learning, depended on her mother for food and warmth. However, she and her mom were somehow split up. The cub was at the bottom of a tree in the freezing cold when animal lovers, Wayne and Lynnette Parsons, discovered her.

The Parsons took the baby koala to care for her. Their biggest concern was that she didn’t lose weight and become ill. The couple cared for her like she was their own, bottle-feeding her milk. They even gave her a teddy bear to hold on to like she would hang onto her mother.

An Emotional Reunion

While they cared for the baby koala, both Wayne and Lynnette took turns venturing out to the tree where the cub was found. They hoped that the mother would return in search of her baby. After three days, they finally saw the mom along the base of the tree, hoping to find her cub.

The Parsons brought the mother to the enclosure where her baby had been resting nearby. Wayne carefully picked the cub up and carried her to her mom. After a few sniffs, the two quickly recognized each other and the baby jumped on her mom’s back. The two embraced, with the mother seeming to look back at the Parsons in gratitude.

Back To The Wild

The mom and cub spent two days in the enclosure, getting reintroduced and spending time together. Afterward, they were released back into the wild on a local golf course. The baby koala is clearly hanging on to her mom for dear life from now on.

The Parsons recorded the heartwarming moment between the two koalas, which quickly made the news in their native Australia. The couple still plans to keep a lookout for animals in need, helping wherever they can.

Watch the adorable reunion below!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved