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This Emotional Reunion Between Lion Siblings And Their Human “Mom” Will Make Your Heart Burst

Could you imagine getting a bear hug from a lion? What about kisses? Snuggles? That’s exactly what Michaela Zimanova gets every time she visits the lions she raised. Now, footage of their reunion is making waves across the Internet!

A Life-Altering Rescue Mission

It’s not often that you hear tales of lions being raised by humans, but in the case of these siblings, it was their only option. When Malkia and Adelle were only cubs, their mother abandoned them. The young lions were unable to take care of themselves, and due to their past, could have easily fallen into the wrong hands.


Their parents were forced to perform for audiences in circuses across Europe, which has been shown to psychologically scar animals. Had the twins followed the same lifestyle as their mother and father, they likely would have led miserable, captive lives. However, one rescue organization decided to change the siblings’ narrative.

Michaela Became Their New Mom

When Big Cat Rescue Centre in Slovakia heard about the siblings’ rough beginning, they knew they had to step in to raise the cubs in a safe, happy environment. They moved the sweet lions to Malkia Park to raise them. While it may be hard to believe that humans and lions could form such an intimate connection, the friendly lions became attached to their caregivers immediately.

MALKIA PARK Big Cats Rescue/YouTube

One caretaker, in particular, formed an intense bond with the cubs. Michaela Zimanova cared for the lions for years like they were her kids. Today, she refers to them as her “godchildren.” Even as grown-up lions, the massive cats have immense love for the human who gave them her love when they had been abandoned. And recently, Big Cat Rescue released incredible footage of how Michaela greets her darling kitties.

Their Extremely Emotional Reunion

In the video, Michaela approaches the enclosure of Malkia and Adelle and her lion babies, now four years old, immediately greet her. While those who currently take care of the siblings are conscious of not cuddling the lions for too long, Malika and Adelle completely wrapped their paws around Michaela to show their affection for her. And she did not hesitate to love on the sweet creatures back.

Michelle Palmer/YouTube

The video of their precious greeting, complete with kisses and purring, is touching hearts across the internet. While the footage may seem like a reunion years in the making, Big Cat Rescue claims that Michaela comes to the park to visit the cats close to three times a month. Though from the love shown by the lions to Michaela, any time apart probably feels like too long!

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