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These Revolutionary Inventions That Are Now On The Market Prove The Future Is Here

The human mind is an amazing thing, especially when it’s working to make our lives easier. From useful tools to make your life easier to revolutionary products that help people live safer, healthier lives, check out these five innovative inventions that solve some of our most pervasive problems in a super cool way.

Big Spending On Batteries

Whether it’s for the TV remote, our child’s new toy, or that annoying smoke detector, everyone spends countless dollars on a bevy of batteries each year. Well, not anymore! This battery can be charged via micro USB, so you never again have to worry about buying tons of these precious power cells.

fallensk8r / Reddit

Plastic Mucking Up The Environment

In recent years, more and more people are opting for reusable water bottles instead of the traditional plastic ones that can stick around landfills for ages. But even if you have to use that plastic bottle, maybe soon it won’t be as harmful. California-based company Cereplast has invented bioplastic bottles from microalgae that can decompose in three years or less!

Green Optimistic

No More Sticky Bottles

Tired of sticky fingers or messy caps on your honey bottle? Well, this invention’s got you covered! Instead of fussing with that old plastic honey bear, you can now take this bath bead looking honey ball and drop it directly in your tea of choice. What a game changer!

awusuwah / Reddit

Dangerous Cross Walks

There’s a good reason boy scouts and young people are encouraged to help old ladies cross the street. It can be dangerous out there for anyone crossing traffic, but especially for the elderly. That’s why Singapore installed these handy devices at pedestrian crossings that allow those of advanced age to scan their ID and get more time to walk across treacherous traffic.

NickyNek / Reddit

Animal-Abusing Horse Shoes

Horseshoes have long been controversial due to the practice of physically nailing the iron coverings right onto the bottom of the hoof. Thankfully, the geniuses at Megasus Horserunners came up with this amazing product that painlessly covers the horse’s hooves and protects joints. They’re also easily removable; no more nails!


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