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Rhea, the Naked Birdie, Living Every Day with Joy

With almost 500, 000 followers on Instagram and a thousand more on Twitter and Facebook, Rhea, dubbed the Naked Birdie, is without a doubt one of the most popular birds in the world.

Despite the fact that Rhea is suffering from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD), a viral disease that causes irreversible loss of feathers and shedding of developing feathers, her owner, Isabella Eisenmann shared that Rhea is completely happy like any other normal bird.

Eisenmann told The Dodo that Rhea’s original owner was moving and didn’t want to take the bird with her and through her veterinarian, Eisenmann learned that Rhea was in need of new home.

Considering Eisenmann’s natural love for animals, especially birds, she decided to adopt the Naked Birdie.

“I’m an animal lover and I’ve had every type of pet imaginable. I’ve had birds all my life,” Eisenmann said.

The vet placed Eisenmann on the waiting list as there were other people interested in adopting Rhea but after a month and a half, she was thrilled to be selected as Rhea’s new mom.

Taking in Rhea means that the bird and Eisenmann’s dog, Nickie, had to adjust to living with each other.

Eisenmann admitted that it took a bit of adjusting at first but it slowly got better over time.

“My dog’s been an only child all of her life so she’s not used to having ‘stranger’ here. But they’re getting along better now. Rhea is, interestingly enough, getting used to her too. She tries to bite her when Nickie gets too close. They’re both just really jealous and overprotective about me, it’s funny,” shared Eisenmann.

Nickie and Rhea may have gone through a rivalry period but those days have long past since they are currently enjoying each other’s company and living happily.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved