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The Results Are In, Is Your Town The Richest In America?

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Highland Park Texas richest towns

We’re packing our bags and looking up real estate listings, because the list of the richest towns in America is out with some enviable locations. Every year, Bloomberg compiles a list of the small towns with the biggest average incomes, and they’re jaw dropping. From Hollywood Hills mansions to New England manors and Midwest estates, here are the 2019 richest towns in the U.S.

25. McLean, Virginia – Average Household Income: $283,992

There’s a belief that the rich and powerful politicians who shape the laws in the United States never leave their desks, and, for that reason, never leave Washington D.C. But for those politicians and other politicos who do make it home every now and then, there’s a good handful who make the commute back to their gigantic homes in McLean, Virginia.

McLean Virginia richest towns


Located just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., McLean is famous for being a town of extreme wealth and extreme power. McLean residents have included Ethel Kennedy, former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of State Colin Powel and even the CIA headquarters. We’d say those are some pretty fancy neighbors.

24. Travilah, Maryland – Average Household Income: $284,682

Here is the secret about Washington, D.C.: most of the people who are famous for being staples of life in the nation’s capital do not actually live in the city. Instead they live in the surrounding suburbs. And now that we’ve previously introduced you to one of D.C.’s wealthy Virginia suburbs, we turn to the north.

Travilah Maryland richest towns


For those politicos who decide to live in Maryland, most end up in Montgomery County. For some of the wealthiest of them, they end up in Travilah. Since Travilah does not have its own zip code, it’s usually lumped in with the rest of the area referred to as “The Potomac.” There’s still one more elite D.C. suburb that made it to the list, read on to find out what town made the cut.

23. Riverside, Connecticut – Average Household Income: $290,904

No one should be surprised that a neighborhood in Greenwich, Connecticut made it onto this list. But it’s not the only one. With Zillow listings advertising homes with 12 bathrooms and nine bedrooms for over $16 million, Riverside hosts some of the most jaw dropping homes in the northeast. But it’s not just the homes that have hopeful residents doing a double take.

Riverside Connecticut richest towns


If a 12 bathroom home does not do the convincing, maybe the list of notable neighbors might. Former NFL player Tiki Barber, former NHL player Marc Staal and actress Kathie Lee Gifford all call Riverside home. And with neighbors like those, sprawling views of the cove and a pretty short train ride to New York City, we’d say there are quite a few perks to becoming a Riverside resident.

22. Ladue, Missouri – Average Household Income: $291,794

Got a spare $13 million on hand? Then we might have just the seven bedroom, 13 bathroom, 30-thousand-square-foot home for you located right outside of St. Louis. The St. Louis county suburb of Ladue is practically filled with mega mansions for some the Midwest’s richest residents.

Ladue Missouri richest towns


Over the years, Ladue has become home to some of the wealthiest people in St. Louis, including the former chairman of Anheuser-Busch, the founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop, and a handful of professional athletes. And it seems like more and more wealthy people are moving in, since it jumped seven rankings higher in just one year.

21. Kentfield, California – Average Household Income: $299,450

Love the outdoors, and also have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare? Then consider moving over to Kentfield, California. Located just a few miles from San Francisco, Kentfield is known for being home to some of the most incredible homes along with the most beautiful scenery and hiking in the area.

Kentfield California richest towns


Kentfield was the former home of California Governor Gavin Newsom, and we have a feeling that he knows a thing or two about California. But if anyone wants to live in Kentfield, they will have to be prepared to shell out a ton of money. Just a simple one-bedroom, one-bathroom home in the area can be listed for $895,000, and that’s after a $30,000 price cut!

20. Paradise Valley, Arizona – Average Annual Income: $300,521

During particularly hard days at the office, anyone would rather just leave and head on over to paradise. But for some of the hardest workers, or at least the wealthiest, they can go right home to Paradise Valley in Arizona. And if we are being honest, it sounds like actual paradise.

Paradise Valley Arizona richest towns


But don’t take it from us. Take it from Michael Phelps, David Spade, Bret Michaels and Mike Tyson, all of whom have called Paradise Valley home. Actress Emma Stone even grew up in Paradise Valley, and she still goes back to visit her parents. And any potential run in with Stone is reason enough to at least check what’s on the market.

19. Rumson, New Jersey – Average Household Income: $303,542

A small town with a population of just over 7,000 does not usually attract a lot of attention. But when that population includes the likes of Charlie Puth, Queen Latifah, Heather Locklear, Jon Bon Jovi, and the king of New Jersey himself, Bruce Springsteen, it becomes hard to ignore this small New Jersey town.

Rumson New Jersey richest town


The only thing seemingly bigger than the names of Rumson’s big-name residents is the size of the community’s colossal homes and the price tags that come with them. Just under $10 million can get a seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom home in one of New Jersey’s richest towns. But, incredibly, this is not the most expensive town in Jersey. That one comes later.

18. Westport, Connecticut – Average Household Income: $304,439

Oh, Westport. Or as locals might jokingly refer to it, “the Bestport.” Just 52 miles north of New York City, Westport residents pay the big bucks to get the best of both worlds: proximity to one of the world’s best cities, but the comfort of one of the world’s nicest suburbs.

Westport Connecticut richest towns


Westport is just about as quintessential American suburb as one could get. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s just say that The Stepford Wives was filmed in Westport, so that tells us everything we need to know. We wonder if the Stepford Wives also paid the $20 million that comes with moving into one of Westport’s homes.

17. University Park, Texas – Average Household Income: $304,898

There’s the saying that everything is bigger in Texas. From the hair to the cowboy hats to the stores, it seems that Texas has cornered the market on, well, big things. And that trend does not stop when it comes to the suburbs. Exhibit A: University Park, Texas.

University Park Texas richest towns


When it comes to this Dallas enclave, it seems that things are definitely bigger in Texas, including the homes and the price tags. In 2017, the median single family house value was just over $1 million, or $1,193,800 to be exact. Overall, this area of Texas is only 3.7 square miles. That’s a lot of mansions packed into such a small space.

16. Great Falls, Virginia – Average Household Income: $309,599

Located right next door to McLean, or number 25 on this list, Great Falls checks in as the richest suburb in the greater Washington D.C. area. The list of Great Falls residents includes every type of Washington elite from former Senator Rick Santorum to Washington Redskins Owner Dan Snyder.

Great Falls Virgina richest towns


The picturesque suburb has such a small-town America feel that MTV even recorded its show Finding Carter in Great Falls. Between the jaw-dropping mega mansions and the breathtaking sites of Great Falls National Park, this Virginia suburb is worth the multi million dollar price tag that comes with many of its homes.

15. Larchmont, New York – Average Household Income: $313,586

While Larchmont, New York, might have started with some humble beginnings, the same cannot be said for what it has become over the years. The oldest home in Larchmont was built all the way back in 1797 by the nephew of America’s first chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay.

Larchmont New York richest towns


Today, that home, known as the Manor House, is just one of many sprawling estates that takes up residence in Larchmont. The Westchester County town has a median home value of $1.1 million, according to online real estate database Zillow and a six-bedroom home can cost up to a cool $9.9 million.

14. West University Place, Texas – Average Household Income: $330,459

The Houston suburb of West University Place is named after nearby Rice University, but do not be fooled. We are going to go ahead and guess that no students can afford the price tags of this upper class neighborhood, where a five-bedroom home can cost upwards of $4 million.

West University Place Texas richest towns


The average person living in this area makes nearly four times more than the typical American household. The high prices of homes are all built alongside some pretty highbrow street names. Every street in town has been named after famous authors and poets. In 2018, West University Place was named America’s best city to live in by financial news website 24/7 Wall Street.

13. Winnetka, Illinois – Average Household Income: $331,231

When visiting Illinois, a handful of tourists decide to beat the hustle and bustle of Chicago and head 16 miles north to Winnetka. But why do some tourists choose to go to a seemingly random Chicago suburb as a short pit stop?

Winnetka Illinois richest towns


Many Home Alone fans make the trek to go to the famous movie home of the fictional McCallister family that is featured in the film, pictured above. They go just to take a photo of them standing next to the home making the iconic screaming face that child actor Macaulay Culkin made famous. But take one look at the crazy home prices for this neighborhood, and most of us would probably make that same face too.

12. Old Greenwich, Connecticut – Average Household Income: $336,692

Old Greenwich, Connecticut, has been called a “front-porch kind of place” by the New York Times. Mansion Global called Old Greenwich “a neighborhood for quieter money.” In many write ups about Old Greenwich, writers describe it as a town of gigantic houses that maintains an almost small-town vibe.

Old Greenwich Connecticut richest towns


A short stroll through the affluent coastal neighborhood makes us question some people’s definition of “small town vibes,” considering that most small towns do not come with a Tesla dealership. Old Greenwich has been long considered a haven for Wall Street executives who can afford gigantic mansions with lush, sprawling, bright green yards.

11. The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio – Average Household Income: $338,267

When the founders of The Village of Indian Hill first founded their small town in 1904, they had something else entirely in mind. The first founders were all farmers looking to start an agricultural community. Later, it grew in popularity as a weekend getaway for people living in nearby Cincinnati.

The Village of Indian Hill Ohio richest towns


Today, the only agriculture we see happening here is the landscaping of the gigantic, multiple acre properties. Nowadays, the median home value in The Village of Indian Hill is over $1 million. For those in the market, they could secure a five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home with a pool, pool house and hot tub for a steep $5 million price tag.

10. Glencoe, Illinois – Average Household Income: $339,883

Glencoe is such a picturesque suburban town that it has been featured in two of the most all-American films we can think of: Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Along with serving as the backdrop to some beloved classic movies, it also claimed the title of the wealthiest town in all of Illinois and ranked within the top 10 richest towns in the country.

Glencoe Illinois richest towns


To live in the most affluent town in Illinois is definitely gonna cost you. A five-bedroom, nine-bathroom home – or rather, estate – with a pool, hot tub, sauna, and its own private beach overlooking Lake Michigan can go for a whopping $5 million.

9. Bronxville, New York – Average Household Income: $340,448

While Bronxville is only a one-square-mile wide village, it definitely packs a lot of wealth within it. Situated within the area of Eastchester, New York, Bronxville has become a great escape for wealthy families working in nearby Manhattan. The median home value in this affluent neighborhood is about $2.33 million. Still, somehow the neighborhood has maintained its wealthy digs without becoming “too fancy or flashy,” according to the New York Times.

Bronxville New York richest towns


It also just so happens to be the hometown of Rose, Joseph, Robert, John and Ted Kennedy. So if it is good enough for the Kennedy family, we’d say it is good enough to make it into the top 10 of this list.

8. Darien, Connecticut – Average Household Income: $341,090

Everyone knows that when one of the town’s most popular activities include yachting, it has to be up there as being one of the richest towns in the United States. Darien might be in a totally different state than the Big Apple, but since it is only 37 miles from downtown Manhattan, it has become a preferred neighborhood for the city’s wealthy.

Darien Connecticut richest towns


The smallest town on Connecticut’s “Gold Coast” packs a lot of punch, with two public beaches, a handful of country clubs, a hunting club, a boat club and, of course, a yacht club. But, if anyone prefers their own private beach and dock, they can secure one for just $15 million. Pocket change.

7. Highland Park, Texas – Average Household Income: $358,994

Yet another Dallas enclave has made it onto the list of the richest towns in the United States. And with the 2017 median single family house value coming in at a whopping $1.4 million, we can definitely see why Highland Park has earned seventh place.

Highland Park Texas richest towns


Since it is situated just four miles north of downtown Dallas, Highland Park is where many big-named, suburban Texans call home. When it came time for former Texas Governor Bill Clements to find a home, he picked Highland Park, and when it came time to film the hit show Dallas, Highland Park was also the preferred filming location.

6. Short Hills, New Jersey – Average Household Income: $367,491

While California took the prize for the most towns on Bloomberg’s top 100 richest towns with 23 communities, New Jersey came in at second place with 18 of the list’s 100 towns. That is thanks, in part, to Short Hills, the wealthiest town in the state of New Jersey.

Short Hills New Jersey richest towns


The median listing price in Short Hills was once placed at $1.75 million, and has become a top hometown for some of New York’s wealthiest commuters. People like Anne Hathaway, Patti Stanger and Rachel Zoe all call this New Jersey suburb home. And now, let’s unveil the top five richest towns in the entire country.

5. Hillsborough, California – Average Household Income: $373,128

Not far from Silicon Valley and more or less an hour train ride away from San Francisco, Hillsborough has become an enclave for some of the tech world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, along with some of America’s top stars. Celebrities from Jimmy Kimmel to Alicia Silverstone all call Hillsborough home.

Hillsborough California richest homes


As would probably be expected, the A-List neighborhood comes with some A-List price tags as well. A search on Zillow found that a three-bedroom, eight-bathroom, nearly 9,000-square-foot home was listed for a whopping $17.9 million. But at least that home comes with room for six cars in its gigantic garage. We’re sold!

4. Los Altos Hills, California – Average Household Income: $386,174

The town of Los Altos Hills has some pretty strict rules about mixing business and pleasure. While the town’s residents are definitely doing well for themselves in business, the town has a strict commercial ban on operating businesses within its limits. In fact, there are only two retail shops in Los Altos Hills, a book store and a gift shop.

Los Altos Hills mansion - richest towns


Instead of becoming a commercial hub, developers of Los Altos Hills decided to create a space for some of Silicon Valley’s richest to relax and separate from the business world. Still, something about hosting $50 million homes means that Los Altos Hills, try as it might, will never be considered “quaint.”

3. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado – Average Household Income: $394,259

Coming in the top three is Colorado’s only town to have made this list. But what the state is lacking in quantity on Bloomberg’s ratings, it has made up for in quality with Cherry Hills Village. The Denver suburb has attracted a lot of attention for its mega mansions and its ultra famous residents, including NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

Cherry Hills Village Colorado richest towns


Cherry Hills Village is known for its rolling hills and 10,000-square-foot mansions, surrounded by horse stables, hiking trails and a mountain view in the distance. The town has been deemed so picturesque that it has hosted not one, but two PGA Championships and a U.S. Women’s Open.

2. Scarsdale, New York – Average Household Income:$417,335

Scarsdale, New York, comes in on Bloomberg’s list as the second wealthiest town in the entire country, and the richest town overall on the East coast. The average home price for this New York City suburb was an astounding $1.8 million. Listings on Zillow show six-bedroom homes listed just under $9 million.

Scarsdale New York richest towns


Scarsdale has become such a destination for some of New York’s wealthiest that there was a longtime rumor that Beyonce and Jay-Z had a secret home there. For now, reports say that it is just a rumor, but we will cross our fingers and keep checking on that one. And now, onto the richest town in America.

1. Atherton, California – Average Household Income: $450,696

When it comes to ranking the richest towns in the United States, Atherton easily came out on top. The small neighborhood situated just between San Jose and San Francisco is home to truly staggering mega mansions. According to Zillow, the median home value in Atherton is about $6 million.

Atherton California richest towns


Because of its location, Atherton has become the preferred hometown of some of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Google’s Eric Schmidt and Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman all call Atherton home, along with stars like Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and even Shirley Temple. So, when can we move in? We’re ready.

Honorable Mention: Los Altos, California – Average Household Income: $280,162

Like many on this list, Los Altos, California, has gotten itself on this list of richest American towns because of its location in Silicon Valley. This northern Silicon Valley town in the San Francisco Bay area is known to house a lot of wealth from the nearby high tech community.

Los Altos California richest towns


Los Altos means “the Heights” in Spanish, and the town has definitely lived up to that name and is now synonymous with the height of Silicon Valley wealth. The town has been making its way into the charts of most expensive towns for years. This year, it did not make it into Bloomberg’s top 25, but at 26 it came close enough.

Honorable Mention: Greenville, New York – Average Household Income: $279,820

Located in Westchester County, New York, Greenville is a perfect place for anyone who wants to settle down in the suburbs but still have easy access to New York City. Oh yeah, and for anyone who has a lot of money to spare.

Greenville New York richest towns


The median home value in Greenville clocks in at a whopping $905,200. But this wealthy town invests a lot into education. In any average town, taxpayers spend about $12,000 per student education. In Greenville, that amount doubles to almost $25,000 per student. No wonder some of New York’s wealthiest are flocking to Greenville to raise a family.

Honorable Mention: Montecito, California – Average Household Income: $276,564

Mansions Global has called Montecito a “celebrity paradise that’s surprisingly under.” In 2019, the town flew under Bloomberg’s radar and did not make the top 25 richest towns in the U.S. But it did climb 4 spots, from number 32 in 2018 to 28 the very next year.

 Montecito California richest towns


Situated near Santa Barbara, Montecito boasts of a “Mediterranean climate,” so basically it sounds like paradise. Just ask some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Drew Barrymore, Rob Lowe, and even Oprah Winfrey, who all have chosen to buy homes in Montecito. We will go ahead and take their word for it.

Honorable Mention: Rye, New York – Average Household Income: $276,177

Located just an hour commute from downtown Manhattan, Rye is situated right on the border of New York State and Connecticut. And while Rye is basically in the perfect placement for any rich elite looking to live near New York City without the hustle of downtown, it is also climbing in Bloomberg’s rankings.

Rye New York richest towns


In just one year, the town of Rye jumped up 5 spots on the list, from number 35 to number 29 on the ranking. Vogue Magazine even featured the town in an article titled, “Why Rye, New York, Should Be Your Next Day-Trip Destination.” But anyone who has enough money can even call it their next home.

Honorable Mention: Piedmont, California – Average Household Income: $275,243

Piedmont has become a hideaway for some of California’s wealthiest in the San Francisco area. The suburban city is surrounded entirely by the quirky and picturesque city of Oakland. But while California towns have been climbing on Bloomberg’s list, Piedmont has dropped from a ranking of 21 on the list of richest towns to 30.

Piedmont California richest towns


Regardless of the ranking, Piedmont has become home to some of the most notable names in California sports, including MLB’s David McCarty, NFL’s Bubba Paris and Bill Romanowski, along with Pixar director Peter Docter and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. Now those are some notable neighbors.

Honorable Mention: Orinda, California – Average Household Income: $272,918

It is hard to find a town that is both wealthy and friendly. But with Orinda, California, residents can apparently have it all in one, mansion filled package. Not only has Orinda been ranked number 31 on Bloomberg’s list, but the town was also ranked 2nd place on the Forbes list of friendliest towns in the U.S.

 Orinda California richest towns


Hikers and nature enthusiasts who happen to work in the San Francisco Bay area are drawn to living their lives in Orinda because of its expansive parks and hiking trails. But those hiking enthusiasts better have a whole lot of money. A five bedroom, eight bathroom home in Orinda costs a whopping $5.8 million.

Honorable Mention: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey – Average Household Income: $271,700

According to the New York Times, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, “has big houses” and “landscapes groomed to perfection,” and added that “the constant renewal gives the town a look of freshness of Stepford-like artifice, depending on your point of view.”

Upper Saddle Rive New Jersey richest towns


And when the New York Times says “big houses,” they are definitely selling the mansions in this New Jersey town short. On Zillow, homes for sale in Upper Saddle River include a 7 bedroom, 10 bathroom, 2,000 square foot home for selling for nearly $5 million. And yes, that price tag includes a pool with a fountain and hot tub.

Honorable Mention: Tiburon, California – Average Household Income: $269,419

Located just a ferry ride away nice San Francisco, Tiburon has become a getaway for Silicon Valley’s wealthiest. Forbes has called Tiburon “arguably California’s best kept paradise – where un-hurried New England charm meets Italian riviera seascapes, miles of unspoiled coastal trails, and laid-back luxury that’s refreshingly un-flashy.”

Tiburon California richest towns


But if the town of Tiburon seems small and humble, then consider the fact that one house in the town that boasts of 11 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms, 13,836 square foot home is selling for nearly $19 million and comes complete with a tennis court. We’ll take that laid back luxury any day.

Honorable Mention: Lake Forest, Illinois – Average Household Income: $268,922

Imagine soaking up the sun right on the quiet shores of Lake Michigan, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of living closeby to Chicago. Well, anyone who calls Lake Forest, Illinois, their home knows that luxurious life, because they are living in it.

Lake Forest Illinois richest towns


Anyone who is trying to join the lucky few who get to live in Lake Forest, Illinois, better be prepared to drop some major dollars on some real estate. An 8 bedroom, 8 bathroom home in the town is selling for $15 million, while another 6 bedroom home on the shoreline is asking for $12 million. No wonder this Illinois town has landed itself a place on Bloomberg’s list.

Honorable Mention: Palm Beach, Florida – Average Household Income: $268,695

Palm Beach, Florida is known for being the perfect vacation town, located right on the Atlantic Ocean. The lucky few people who get to make this vacation town their home pretty much get to live the vacation life year round. But these Palm Beach residents drop big bucks in order to secure their spot in this beach town.

Palm Beach Florida richest towns


A quick look at Zillow home listings looks like a catalogue of mega mansions, with one $44 million, 6 bedroom, 10 bathroom home located right on the water. But if that is not enough water for a homeowner, the home also comes with a pool. It’s hard to beat those amenities.

Sources: Bloomberg News, CNBC, Veranda Magazine

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