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Want To Ride On A Spaceship? Hyperloop Is The Next Best Thing

Public transportation gets a bad rap. Whether it’s smelly passengers on a city bus or oppressive stewards on a jet, the experience can be interesting for all the wrong reasons. If you’re tired of all the hassle, this luxurious, speedy Hyperloop may be the perfect mode of public transportation for you.

A Modern Marvel

Hyperloop is an uber-aerodynamic train that moves at 700 MPH through a low-pressure tube using the forces of pressure difference, propulsion, and magnetism. With this speed, a trip that currently takes 90 minutes will be slashed to 12 minutes!

Twitter/ Hyperloop One

A Comfy Ride

Though hyperloop is still in the development stage, an unveiling of the cabins of the Virgin Media Hyperloop One in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, revealed that this transportation system will revolutionize the passenger experience.

Electrek/ Fred Lambert

Business Pods

Some pods are designed with tables and chairs to accommodate having business meetings. Instead of taking hyperloop to a meeting, have the meeting on hyperloop!


Fewer People

The Virgin Hyperloop will be divided into spacious pods that comfortably fit 10 passengers. Say goodbye to being uncomfortably pressed up against strangers during public transit!

The Martime Executive/ MAREX

Even More Inside

Each pod has a calming, sleek white interior, HD information screens, and leather seats. If that’s not enough for you, you can purchase even more!

The Verge/ Andrew Hawkins

First Class Pod?

Like the airport, you can upgrade your class on the pod. Regular pods take 10 passengers, gold pods take five, and silver pods take 14.

Singularity Hub/Edd Gent

Back To Those Seats

The seats aren’t just made of leather, they also have a wide, curved design, making them perfect for leaning back and taking a nap.

Electrek/ Fred Lambert


Hyperloops don’t have windows, but they have neon lights and HD pods. Since they ride in tubes, there would be nothing outside to see.

Twitter/ Dubai Tourism

A Travel Option For All

I know what you’re thinking. First class pods have been announced… but in Dubai. This must be super expensive. Elon Musk, the inventor of the hyperloop concept, has said he wants hyperloop to be for everyone.

Twitter/ Nathan Edwards

A Ride For Your Ride

The urban hyperloop can transport cars, but Musk says it will prioritize pedestrians over vehicles out of fairness for those who can’t afford cars.

LA Times/ Tracy Lien

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