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Robin Thicke and Ex-Wife Paula Patton Attend Therapy Sessions With Son

Despite their long-standing custody battle, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, have been spotted going for therapy sessions together with their son Julian who is 6 years old, information from multiple sources has confirmed. Although Julian is still under her mother’s care, both are working with a therapist who will advise them on what is best for Julian. Patton remains firm that whatever he is doing is in the interest of their son.

According to legal documents filed recently, Patton accuses her former husband of abusing their son. However, Thicke has adamantly refuted that, claiming that Patton is merely trying to portray him in bad light. Patton also claims that she is increasingly getting concerned about Thicke’s drug use and continuous drinking, as well as the methods of punishment he is using to instill discipline in their son.

However, according to Patton, their son reported the methods of punishment used by Thicke, including spanking to the school authorities. As a result, Julian has become afraid of Thicke. As you would expect, Thicke has denied those claims. A court-documented rebuttal filed by Thicke indicates that Patton’s anger is because she was not invited for Alan Thicke’s funeral.

Thicke claims further that Paula did not have a positive relationship with his dad, and had a tendency of making negative comments about Alan Thicke. Due to that and other unrevealed issues, Patton could not be invited for the funeral. In fact, she only wanted to attend the funeral to increase her public exposure. It had nothing to do with Alan Thicke. Alan Thicke died due to a ruptured aorta a few months ago as he was playing ice hockey. He was 69 at the time of his death.

Robin Thicke and Patton are currently sharing joint custody of their six year old son Julian. According to Thicke’s court records, he spends overnights Thursday to Saturday. Thicke and Patton have been married since 2005. They officially divorced in March, 2015. Thicke says that Patton is intentionally denying him from seeing their son. He also claims that he rarely disciplines Julian. He has always acted within age-appropriate discipline.

News reports indicate that a judge denied Patton’s request of limiting Thicke’s custody on those grounds. In the latest development, the couple have to attend joint therapy sessions, meaning that they will have to act together whether they like or not. A close source indicates that Robin loves his son and would not do anything that could jeopardize their tight relationship.

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