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Robot Expert Predicts An Alarming (But Fascinating) Future

Gil Weinberg founded the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, and he’s implementing advanced technology to his courses: robots. The musician and roboticist programs robots to play music, but he’s also using his skills and knowledge with robots to predict startling facts about the future. Read on to learn what Weinberg predicts.

A Marimba-Playing Robot

Weinberg has gained attention for programming a robot to play the marimba alongside human musicians. The robots listens to music and improvises. Recently, Weinberg has programmed his robots to also compose music. The robots listen as humans and improvise as machines. The robot is designed to play the music perfectly and it never misses a beat.

Improvising AI

The robot, which Weinberg named “Shimon,” has a long, narrow neck, a head, and a camera attached to its robotic body in order for it to see the other musicians. As Weinberg explains, music has a lot of visual cues. Your mind is influenced by your body, and the robot mirrors this movement.

Helping Others

Recently, Weinberg helped an amputee who wanted to receive a prosthetic arm to play music again. The roboticist agreed that it would be possible, but he shouldn’t limit himself to only being able to play music again. Instead, Weinberg created a robotic prosthetic that would enhance the amputee’s musical abilities far more than how he performed prior to his accident.

Looking Toward The Future

Weinberg is working with his robots to implement technology to enhance daily routines for amputees, including eating, drinking, and more. Amputees will have a brighter future through the hands of robotic prosthetic features, and Weinberg is confident this technology will change the future of prosthetic technology. But, he’s also looking toward the future with how robots are programmed…

In Search Of A Soul

Weinberg believes someday robots will have souls, just like humans. They will differ, but they will carry the same emotions, sexual feelings, and more. More music robots will be invented to demonstrate that robots connect to the songs they’re performing, similar to how humans have emotional connections to music. In the future, we won’t be that different from robots. So, let’s be prepared.

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