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The Future Is Now: Robots Are Delivering Food To Students At This Virginia University

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Ever wish you had a handy robot around to fetch your lunch for you? Students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia are lucky enough to do just that. Grabbing a meal on the go has never been easier. Meal delivery robots are the new techie trend that might just replace your Postmates app.

Heavy Metal

You might be shocked to visit George Mason University and see robots roaming the college campus. That’s because they’re one of the first universities to implement a robotic meal delivery program. The school collaborated with Starship Technologies to provide this remarkable technology to students.

Starship Technologies officer Ryan Tuohy stated that, “We were amazed by the volume of orders that we had when we turned the service on.” @helenalex geeked out on Twitter, “#deliveryrobot zooming past @openuniversity. These little bots always make me smile.”

Robot Rock

Surprisingly, Geroge Mason University students have already adjusted to seeing their robotic buddies bringing their food to them. Some college kids have even started taking selfies with them and dressing them up for the holidays. Student Grace Pereira-Plaza shared that, “We find it normal now, seeing them go by, it’s like ‘oh there they are.'”


The meal delivery robots also seem to have a sense of humor of their own. Twitter user @mothspree even captured footage of “getting [their] foot run over by a #DeliveryRobot.”

Take A Byte

Unlike your favorite food delivery app, meal delivery robots guarantee to deliver your food within 30 minutes. You can even track them as they race your cuisine to you at a whopping four miles per hour.


Whether you like it or not, it appears that meal delivery robots are here to stay. And if you see one, don’t forget to take a selfie! It’ll make your Instagram a lot cooler. @Stasisesque swooned on Twitter, “I saw it again! #deliveryrobot”

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