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These Absurdly Genius Roommate Pranks Will Make You Glad You Don’t Live With These Jokesters

oreo toothpaste roommate prank

Whether it’s trying to get across a message, taking revenge on someone for their bad habits, or just having some good old fashioned joshing around between friends, there’s nothing like planning and pulling off the perfect roommate prank. If you’re scratching your head wondering how to really nail that person you’re living with, look no further.

From groan-worthy puns, to annoyingly clever adaptations of everyday objects, and even some diabolical food surprises, these are the best ways to let the people you live with know how much you love them — or just maybe the slight opposite? Get out your shopping list, it’s time to start taking notes.

1. Going Postal

This roommate prank took trolling out from behind the closed doors of a shared apartment and into the public eye. It’s terrifically cost-effective, and yet unbelievably irritating. Hopefully the owner of this car wasn’t in a rush on the morning they discovered this lovely spectacle awaiting their arrival in the parking garage.

car post-it note roommate prank

Boredom Therapy

Think of just how long it likely took this driver to remove these post-it notes from their windshield so they’d be able to drive — let alone to remove them from the rest of the car so they don’t get ticketed for littering as they flutter away during the drive. Props for the effort and color-coding that went into this decorated masterpiece.

2. The Red Menace

Ah, sketch red plastic cups. If you could summarize the American college experience in one object, it would be these faithful scarlet chalices, which so rarely contain water. And when they’re not in the service of dutifully supplying frat parties with libations, they make for one heck of a roommate prank.

cups bedroom bed roommate prank

The Hook

Someone should have told this dude to make his bed like his mother taught him, because it would appear this is the punishment for not having done it. Whether or not those cups contain liquid is unclear, but apart from making his bed, the unknowing recipient of this elaborate prank surely had a hard time even reaching the bed.

3. Crimes Against Humanity

If you’re trying to brainstorm a roommate prank that might also incidentally get you referred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, look no further. This prankster decided to sidestep the longstanding debate as to whether overhand or underhand is the preferred style — and has instead committed a diabolical act.

toilet paper roommate prank

Boredom Therapy

It’s unclear what this roommate did to deserve a fate so cruel, but needless to say they might want to think again before looking to tangle with the person with whom they share a home. Not so bad, you say? Now, imagine that this was the last roll left in the house.

4. That’s A Wrap

The masterminds behind this prank must have bought out the entire aisle at the supermarket, and screwed the owner of this VW Bug beyond belief. Meanwhile, we’ve been having trouble just tearing off a small piece of Saran wrap to cover our leftover brownies, without it getting all scrunched up.

wrapped car beetle roommate prank


The amount of devious dedication it took to expertly wrap up this car is nothing short of extraordinary. Whatever unlucky soul was the owner of this vehicle undoubtedly needed a pair of gardening shears to get through this wicked spiderweb of cling film. Shots fired — wonder how they retaliated?

5. Party Foul

They told him once, they told him twice, and yet he never listened to their advice: do not pass out at the house party, because there will absolutely be consequences to such a misstep. These sneaky pranksters have traded in the traditional Sharpie marker treatment for something far more elaborate.

passing out party roommate prank


Falling asleep while sitting straight up is a skill not all possess, but this reveler’s talent was also his downfall, providing the perfect canvas upon which to create this game of human Jenga. While there was the chance that he’d awaken from his stupor quietly enough to not upset this tower, we’re not going to bet on it.

6. Wrappy Birthday

Whether it was Christmas, Hanukkah, a birthday, or simply an excuse to thoroughly annoy someone, this roommate prank was carried out so exquisitely, you would think the perpetrator wrapped gifts for a living. There’s neither a crinkle nor a crease to be seen, and every object has been covered perfectly — not a bulging corner in sight.

giftwrap giftwrapped wrapped gift present wrapping paper roommate prank

Boredom Therapy

Wonder if the recipient of this roommate prank actually expected that maybe, maybe somewhere underneath all that wrapping paper was an actual present and not just their belongings. The biggest shame here is just what a waste of good Batman villain wrapping paper this practical joke required. Move over Marie Kondo, room wrapping might just be the next big DIY trend.

7. Stay Out Of The Water

Do you have that one friend who keeps splashing you incessantly while you’re swimming at the beach and deserves to learn a lesson? Are you all about scarring your roommate into developing a deep-seated fear of attending to basic hygiene? Then this is the roommate prank for you — but it will require a good amount of setup.

shark shower bathroom roommate prank

Boredom Therapy

Make sure you schedule Roomie Movie Night well in advance. Then, after your screening of Jaws when it’s time to rinse off before going to bed, be courteous enough to let your roommate go first. But to acquire a lovely shower prop like this one in the first place, you might have to have a chat with Universal Studios’ props department.

8. Moving On Up

Does your roommate have a bad habit of dropping their belongings wherever they feel like it, which leaves the floor littered with obstacles? Are you tired of telling them over and over again to clean up their act? Then it would seem this is the roommate prank for you — get out your ladder.

ceiling tape taped roommate prank


Upon discovery of this gravity-defying prank, the roommate in this picture apparently took to emulating Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes: “You maniacs! You blew it up!” To make matters worse and to add insult to injury, it would appear from the type of items duct-taped to the ceiling that target of this prank was an artist and these were the tools of his trade.

9. Foaming Mad

This roommate prank was so sneaky and diabolical that we had to look at it twice just to understand what was going on. In fact, this was a multipurpose trick, one that could be used to get back at someone in a variety of situations without too much effort exerted — provided they’re not using liquid body wash.

nail polish roommate prank

For this prank, all you will require is a bottle of clear nail polish and your roommate’s most-used soap. Delicately dab what’s essential a clear encasing onto that special someone’s bar of soap until you have it totally covered, and voilà! The soap that will never get suds, swiftly driving them insane. You just can’t get more passive-aggressive than that.

10. Not-So Sweet Tooth

If you ever wondered what the innermost circle of Hell is reserved for in modern times, observe the roommate prank exhibited below. It’s for those horribly twisted individuals who would pull this kind of a trick on the unsuspecting cookie lover. After falling victim to this prank, could  you ever enjoy an Oreo again?

oreo toothpaste roommate prank

Boredom Therapy

To extract a revenge this evil requires few accessories, but needs delicate precision. It means ever so gently opening Oreos without them crumbling apart, scraping off that yummy cream filling, and smearing on a dollop of toothpaste, before putting them back together and finding a way to serve them. Minty fresh never felt so wrong.

11. Green Technology

There are just so many questions that need to be asked about this bizarre prank. Whoever owned this keyboard had to have been out of the office or away from home for an extended period of time. But the logistics of getting those little sprouts in between the keys boggles the mind.

sprouts sprout vegetables growing keyboard roommate prank


Did the person carrying out this prank just pick a bunch of sprouts and carefully insert them between the keys? Or did they actually take the time to sew the seeds into the grooves of the keyboard, to water them over time and take care of them? It seems highly impractical, but certainly gets points for creativity.

12. Silence Is Golden

Sometimes, carrying out a roommate prank is not done because of pent-up aggression or a general feeling of malcontent. Sometimes there’s a specific incident or bad habit that just has to be corrected. As the old adage says, sometimes you have to get burned to learn the pan is hot.

airhorn door roommate prank

Boredom Therapy

From this setup, we can deduce that the housemate on the receiving end of this prank had a bad habit of throwing the door open too forcefully upon entering the room, such that it smashed into the cabinet behind it. Whoever this unfortunate soul was, they were about to get a rude awakening when that handle smacked into the airhorn.

13. All Tied Up

Initial thoughts: who do you know with a landline phone that they actually use any more? Although, taking into account the low likelihood of someone still using this relic of the past, might we suggest rubber-banding their smartphone? All technological advancements aside, this roommate prank is just plain annoying — which makes it an excellent choice.

phone rubber band telephone roommate prank


There’s something so Zen-like and contemplative about winding an extraordinary amount of rubber bands around an object. And yet, depending on how urgently you need to use the phone, the process of removing them can be either satisfying and cathartic — or utterly infuriating. It’s almost like a work of art that’s too precious to ruin.

14. The Matrix

Deck the halls with — what the heck? It’s the perfect way to bring your apartment some holiday cheer in the most nontraditional way, if you can stand the smell as they begin to mature ever so gradually. Welcome to every vegan’s worst nightmare: the roommate prank known as hot dog mistletoe.

hot dog mistletoe roommate prank

While it looks like some surreal art exposition, this dangling debauchery on the more edgy side of the roommate prank spectrum. For starters, involving perishable foods is always a gamble. But imagine the satisfaction of that special someone coming home late and bleary-eyed, turning the lights on, and stumbling into this maze of processed meat.

15. Fowl Play

There’s the standard roommate prank that requires everyday household objects and is easy to carry out — and then there’s this monstrous masterpiece of a prank. Unless you happen to live in a rural area where having livestock around is the norm, this is going to need a ton of preparation.

chicken chickens bathroom roommate prank


There’s something so delightfully baffling in this bold choice of a prank, but at least by coating the entire bathroom floor in half a foot of cedar chippings, there was some damage control taken here to guard the home from any unpleasant side effects of having chickens around. This one is just going to leave the roommate who discovers it wondering, “Huh?”

Think that’s wacky? Check out these next roommate pranks — they’re a lot easier.

16. Welcome Home

If you thought intentionally popping balloons next to someone is one of the most spiteful things you could possibly do to them, think again. If you’re looking to let your roommate know that they’re so loved in their own home that their arrival at the door warrants a party, this is the way to go.

party poppers roommate prank


Even if they’re harmless and usually contain nothing more than a bit of confetti, these party popper bottles make quite the bang when that string is pulled. You’d better hope the recipient of this roommate prank isn’t too easily excitable, or else you might expect to see your groceries strewn across the sidewalk and down the block.

17. Simply Spooky

Some of the most sinister roommate pranks really tap into those primal fears we never really managed to conquer from our childhoods. Remember constantly having nightmares of shadowy beings trying to get you? Well, here’s one waiting for you at the end of the hallway, right when you’re getting up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

roommate prank


It’s nothing elaborate, just a crudely cut-out piece of man-sized black construction paper positioned perfectly in place for a late-night scare. This roommate prank manages to effectively combine our fear of home invasions with those supernatural beings our parents always told us weren’t real. Honestly, what is it about faceless beings that makes them so deeply unsettling to us?

18. Super Size Me

Just imagining what one of these monstrosities might taste like is enough to make you gag. Using a Ziploc plastic bag as a homemade piping bag, this prankster has decided to take what was going to be a Sunday breakfast treat, and quickly turned it into something that’s positively nauseating.

mayonnaise donut doughnut roommate prank

The sheer thought of what that mayonnaise sounds like as it squishes and squirts through the piping bag and into those poor defenseless doughnuts is terrifying enough to send people running away screaming. The amount of loathing this guy must feel for the recipient of this prank is nigh inconceivable.

19. A Smear Of Schmear

There’s gross, and then there’s this roommate prank. We’ve never really thought of simple spreadable cream cheese as being all that offensive, but in this game of two objects that look surprisingly alike at first glance, it was suddenly turned into a weapon that can be wielded against enemies, to fearsome extent.

cream cheese food deodorant roommate prank

The Hook

For this roommate prank, the perpetrator scooped out the contents of this roll-on deodorant. Then, using a spoon, they delicately smeared layers of creamy cheesy goodness into that same bottle and replaced its cap. Considering cream cheese doesn’t have a particularly pungent smell, it was well disguised. Care for an everything bagel and lox, anyone?

20. Secret Admirer

Even if you think actor Shia LaBeouf is a total dreamboat, finding him hiding behind your curtain when you least expect it is bound to elicit some well-placed yelps. This rather simple, yet unnerving roommate prank required a color printer, and some two-sided tape, carefully concealed so as to complete the illusion.

shia labeouf roommate prank

The brilliance of this prank is that there’s nothing frightening about the cutout lurking behind the window, such that it might even seem quite harmless at first glance. It’s just a cute picture of the former Disney Channel star. But when you’re not expecting to see him, it’s bound to make the average person leap out of their skins.

If you think that’s hilarious, just wait until you see the unbelievable roommate pranks up ahead.

21. Recycling Campaign

Know anyone with a penchant for unnecessarily hoarding newspapers? Is the person you live with having a hard time cleaning up their mess? Or perhaps you’re trying to teach them a lesson about how to properly recycle things and not just chuck them in the rubbish bin? Then this roommate prank would be bound to get the message across.

newspaper roommate prank

Of course, if you don’t happen to have an exorbitant amount of discarded newspapers lying around, this would require buying quite a few bundles. That being said, the texture of newspaper pages is just perfect for this trick, because if you crumple them just slightly enough, you can quickly build a paper mountain. Good luck cleaning up afterwards!

22. Out Of This World

If you’re just spiteful enough that you’re down to play dirty and give out your friend’s phone number, there’s certainly a less cruel way of abusing the privilege of having it in the first place. Everything about this roommate prank just screams that it was done within a college setting, with the perfect sample population willing to participate.

chewbacca star wars roommate prank


Although the person who initiated this prank of stellar proportions wouldn’t necessarily have the satisfaction of watching the results of the prank unfold, there’s a certain joy in knowing that whoever was getting those phone calls is going to be baffled beyond belief. Just imagine having your phone ring all day, and answering to strangers yelling Wookiee noises from the other end of the line.

23. Oh Good, I Was Missing That

You’ve been looking and looking all over the house for your chestburster prop, wondering where on earth it could have gone. What a relief it must have been to find it again, hanging out in the refrigerator. Of course, the people you live with might not share the same appreciation.

alien fridge roommate prank


This nasty form of the xenomorph creature from the legendary Alien sci-fi film franchise got its name by its method of ensuring its genetics will get passed on. Among the gross things you could leave in the fridge to startle your housemates, this is one of the nerdiest — and one of the most deeply unsettling.

24. Sticky Sweet

At first glance, this looks like a yummy batch of sweet caramel apples, freshly dipped in a hot pan of their sticky coating and cooling on a tray. That is, of course, what the trickster who prepared them would like you to think. The reality is far more diabolical.

caramel apple onion candy dessert roommate prank

YouTube/Crazy Russian Hacker

Here, what you see is decidedly not what you get. Another edible plant just so happens to have a similar shape and size as apple, a similar crunch, but an incredibly different flavor — one that’s normally pleasant under certain circumstances, but definitely not when you’re expecting the tart sweetness of an apple. Ladies and gentlemen, underneath that coating are none other than onions.

25. Simply Magic

There’s much to be said for this wondrous roommate prank. It is the intersection of cost-effectiveness, an irritating way to waste your roommate’s time, and one gloriously bad dad joke. Are you taking notes? Go straight to the veggies aisle, you’re one leek away from being able to royally tick someone off.

roommate prank


Have you guessed what the joke is all about? No, it’s not meant to surprise someone or scare them when they walk into the john. Instead, you tell your housemate you desperately need their help with something — there’s a leek in the bathroom. No lies, no misunderstandings, but get ready for some serious groaning.

Sources: Awesome InventionsBoredom Therapy

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