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This Russian Man Photoshopped Quentin Tarantino Photos Into His Apartment Listing And People Went Nuts

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Selling an apartment is hard work. From the excessive cleaning to the realtor to the sometimes-difficult people you encounter, the entire process is incredibly stressful. Depending on the market and the area, sometimes this process can be painfully long. Many people have tried different ways to sell their properties, but not all of them use viral photos in a creative way. Alexander Kainov used pictures of Quentin Tarantino to help sell his mother-in-law’s apartment, which caused thousands of people to look at the post.

Tarantino In Russia

Quentin Tarantino is a famous movie director who has directed incredibly popular films such as Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, Django Unchained, Kill Bill, and so many more. Recently, in August, Tarantino visited Moscow for the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premiere, and it was a huge event in Russia. In addition to being known for his satirical, indie movies, the famed film director is also known for his facial expressions and fun pictures, and this trip was no exception. The Russian people loved his photos so much that they created memes and jokes with them that became viral in the country. Since these pictures were so popular with the people, Alexander Kainov decided to use those pictures to help his mother-in-law.

A Genius Idea

Kainov, of Chelyabinsk, decided that the Tarantino in Russia pictures were so cool and so funny that he should Photoshop them into pictures of the apartment. He used the viral movement to cause more and more people to look at the apartment listing, which shows the ingenuity and inventive spirit that you can find in Russia. After he posted the pictures, his post became wildly popular. His post gathered more than 10,000 views in one day. It wouldn’t be fair to talk about Kainov’s genius idea without telling you more about the photos themselves.

The Pictures

The ad post featured pictures in every room in the apartment. One picture shows Tarantino looking incredibly serious in the bathroom. Another picture shows Tarantino giving the same serious look standing next to some colorful giraffe curtains in the kitchen. Kainov included a photo of Tarantino giving an intense gaze to the beautiful tea set in the apartment. To emphasize the cheerfulness of the living room, Kainov Photoshopped a picture of Tarantino strolling along happily through the room. Another amusing picture was one of Tarantino giving a thumbs up to the bedroom wall. There is even a picture of Tarantino with a nice nature painting in the sitting room. While all of these pictures are very funny, and Tarantino seems to be the focal point, they clearly show the assets of the apartment. So, Kainov utilized the popular photos while showing off the apartment.

The Comments And Response

There are at least 100 comments on the post because people were so happy and amused by Kainov’s new selling strategy. Some users were gushing about the director himself; others were saying that Kainov’s creativeness took out the hassle and extra expense of a realtor, and others posted quotes from the director and his movies. And the comments are not just found on Facebook. On the website Bright Side, Claire Wozniak said, “I’m sure he had a lot of clients after such a cool ad.” No matter the content of the messages, all of these comments increase the number of people that see the post and the pictures of the apartment. Of course, this also increases his chances of selling his apartment, but we don’t know if he’s sold it just yet. However, we do know that whoever the lucky new owners are, they’re definitely Tarantino fans!

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