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Russian Photographer Documents Her Huskies, And The Results Make Us Want A Whole Pack

Who doesn’t love a good dog picture? While a trend of animal-centric social media accounts has swept the Internet in the past few years, this sweet photographer from Russia certainly takes the cake for her gorgeous photos depicting her favorite breed. If you don’t fall in love with Huskies after her pictures, I’m not sure what could make you!

The Undeniable Beauty Of Huskies

All pups are pretty precious, but it’s no secret that Huskies are some of the most beautiful dogs on the planet. This gorgeous breed often has bright eyes, magnificent fur, and stunning coloring. They are also super humanlike, and are total lovers of people! And when it comes to photographs, no other canines are competition.

These people-loving pups deserve plenty of love in return, and in their country of origin, they certainly get it. Siberian Huskies originate from East Russia, and they are still a widely celebrated breed across the country. This young Russian photographer may be their biggest fan and is hoping to capture the playful, loving, and beautiful spirit of these incredible dogs.

Photographing These Stunning Dogs

Erika Tcogoeva is an illustrator and photographer hailing from St. Petersburg. Her favorite subject to capture? Her Huskies, of course! Actually, just Huskies in general. Tcogoeva is a huge fan of the beautiful breed. She can’t seem to emphasize her adoration of huskies enough, showcasing them through photography of pups belonging to her and those around her.

Through her photos, Tcogoeva paints an incredible picture of Huskies as strong, loving, highly intelligent, and connected animals. Her pictures are so cute that it’s hard not to fall in love with the canines right alongside her. And luckily for us, she’s dedicating to continuing to capture this gorgeous breed through her photographs.

Capturing Their Spectacular Energy

On her Instagram account, @erikaeasy, Tcogoeva posts many of her spectacular photos of Huskies. From smiling pups clad in sweaters to those prancing through the snowy grass, she displays the adorableness and energy that Huskies have to offer. I mean, come on, would you look at how they grin?

It’s clear that Tcogoeva’s strong love for this breed won’t fade any time soon. We can only hope she’ll continue to show the world how much love Huskies have to offer. Now, have you already called your local shelter to see if they’ve got any Huskies that need a home?

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