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This Russian Town Just Elected Its First ‘Cat Chief,’ And Yes, It’s As Great As It Sounds

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what kind of glorious, imaginary position is “cat chief?” Believe it or not, this role is far from faux, and this small, Russian town just appointed their first cat chief into action. But who is the hero who gets to reign over the town’s stray felines?

Russia’s Epic Cat Lovers

If you think you’re a hardcore cat lover, you should take a look at the citizens of Russia! Believe it or not, Russia is the source of the world’s most dedicated cat lovers. According to Dalia research company, at least 59 percent of Russians own a cat, making them the highest ranked cat owner in the world. But just how much do Russians value their felines?

Praising Their Feline Friends

It seems that the safety and happiness of their cats are valued nearly as much as their citizens. Back in the 1700s, cats roamed Russia’s royal palaces to catch mice and were pampered to the extreme as a reward. And while their royal status may be somewhat diminished, they are still taken quite seriously – including the stray members of their society.

A Uniquely Cat-Centric Position

In a small town called Zelenogradsk, Russia, cats are praised to the extreme. They even built a massive cat statue and museum to honor them! And recently, a new job position was posted: Cat chief. The description? To care for the town’s 70+ stray cats. Believe it or not, nearly 80 people pitched their applications in for this zany, feline-loving position. In the end, one lucky woman nabbed the role, taking on some wonderful responsibilities with it.

Scoring The Dreamy Job

Svetlana Logunova ultimately claimed the title of “cat chief.” To support her in her cat-centric new job, she was granted a brand new bicycle and a gorgeous uniform. The fantastic get-up consists of a fancy hat, a glowing green jacket, and a fancy bow tie. But, although she certainly looks like she’s got it all under control, caring for the cats isn’t all up to Logunova to figure out.

The Community’s Cat-Caring Efforts

The city has a budget for caring for the stray felines in their sweet community. Logunova will be given $85 a month to make sure the cats are well-fed, though is also expected to give the kits rides in her bicycle’s basket, pet them, and ensure they feel loved. However, anyone is welcome to stroke and play with the cats they run across. With Russia’s cat-loving population, it’s certain these homeless kittens will get plenty of love from the citizens!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved