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Russian Woman Reveals Five Things You Didn’t Know About Vietnam

Meet Snezhana, a Russian woman who moved to Vietnam with her family. They all think it’s a beautiful country, so Snezhana has been sharing the sights in Vietnam and their discoveries while living there for the past six years on her Instagram account. She also shares some things you might not know about Vietnam but should know, before you travel to this interesting country.

Eating Domestic Animals

The Vietnamese see most, if not all, animals as edible, even domesticated cats and dogs. The animals are raised with families like most other dogs and cats around the world, but at the age of two, they’re served as dinner. This might come as a shock to those in the western world, but for the Vietnamese, it’s just a normal part of their cultural cuisine.

Hiding From The Sun

We all know to protect our skin from the sun to avoid damage and possible future cancers, but the Vietnamese shield themselves for another reason. Sure, they’re concerned about protection, but the main reason for hiding from the sun is beauty. Milky white skin is considered beautiful in Vietnam, so while the people are out and about, they do their best to avoid a tan.

Enjoying A Midday Nap

‘The early bird gets the worm’ isn’t just a saying when it comes to people in Vietnam. They start their day early, about five or six o’clock in the morning, and work hard. They accomplish more by noon than most people, so when the afternoon comes around, it’s common to see them napping. They rest for about three hours wherever they want to until it’s time to get back to work.

Polite Conversation

People in the western world usually avoid certain topics in conversation, like money, politics, and age. Not so in Vietnam. Everything is open for conversation and no subject is taboo. Don’t be surprised if questions about how much you make or your age comes up in general conversation. They aren’t being rude; that’s just small talk to the Vietnamese.

Nails Showing Social Status

While in Vietnam, you might notice some of the men’s nails are worn long and wonder why. It’s a status symbol. If you’re a Vietnamese man with long nails, it means you don’t need to resort to manual labor by working in the fields. So if you see a man with long nails, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to groom himself. It means he’s high-class.

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