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The Sacrifices Stars Make For Their Craft That No One Tells You About

Celebrities lead glamorous lives. However, behind all that fame and glory is hard work—and it’s not always pretty. In fact, it requires a huge amount of physical and mental endurance to accomplish such great feats. Here are 5 examples of stars who pushed themselves to the limit to reach success.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before starting the NBA, Michael Jordan was kicked off his school’s basketball team. When he started playing professionally, his jumps couldn’t compare to the other pros. But that didn’t stop him. Michael practiced for hours, shooting hundreds of shots every day to become the NBA star we all loved.

Sports Illustrated

Suffering Through Songwriting

Performer and songwriter Lady Gaga struggles with fibromyalgia, a chronic and painful disease that can impede daily life. She even injures her fingers when writing new songs and suffers from fractures during live performances. Although she sometimes has to pause her tour or cancel shows, Lady Gaga is committed to giving her fans the performances they deserve.

E! News

Beauty Is Pain

Aleksandra Bilgic is a ballet and belly dancer. However, her beauty on stage often translates to pain offstage. Ballet dancers like Aleksandra commonly engage in special training to help strengthen the muscles and joints in their feet. But all the exercises in the world can’t prevent sores and the incredible foot pain dancers experience to bring their beauty to the stage.

Instagram / Aleksandra Bilgic

Earning That Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio’s onscreen performances always shine. Off-screen, things get ugly. He even went as far as eating raw buffalo meat and pulling himself out of freezing cold waters during a nine-month shoot to accurately portray Hugh Glass in The Revenant. Talk about really getting to the core of the role. Oscar well earned, Leo.

Project Casting

“Unfit” For TV

At age 22, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a news reporter. Her boss told her she was “too emotional” for television. Did Oprah let that get her down? Absolutely not. The star has gone on to host her own show, chair her own television network, and star in countless films. She’s a prime example of the hard work it takes to make it to the top.


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