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This Sad Dog Clinging To His Human Is So Relatable

Sometimes a picture or a video is the only way to describe exactly how we’re feeling. It has become an all too common phenomenon in this complicated world of politics, controversy, and mayhem. If you’re having trouble expressing your frustration, look no further. This sad pup desperately clinging to his human is exactly how we must look clinging to our sanity.

Setting The Scene

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know how emotionally attached they can get. This fido clearly wanted to follow his human to the end of the Earth. The whole situation makes for a good laugh.


The video shows an adorable pup clinging to his owner’s leg with his teeth. The dog simply lays still as the owner walks around, collecting his luggage. The human does get free, but we feel bad the pup had to get left behind.

So Relatable

While this video is cute all by itself, there is something else that makes it great. If you’ve ever felt like you’re clinging to your sanity, you know why. This video depicts that feeling perfectly.


Just like the pup, you’re desperately clinging to something you know you’ll lose. You may also try to find it even after it’s gone, just like the dog followed his owner in the end.

Pets Know Best

If this video proves anything, it’s that our pets can teach us something. We can learn a lot about ourselves from their behavior. For example, this video shows us that we need to learn to let go sometimes.


If you’ve ever lived with a cat, you know that they like their alone time or they get grumpy. Us humans are the same way. We just let the stresses of this world get to us. Perhaps we would live better lives if we took a few lessons from our pets.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved