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What You Have To Do To Save Your Marriage, According To Psychologists

When you look at the divorce rate, it can be easy to adopt a cynical view of love, but worry not! There are things every couple can do to significantly increase their odds of maintaining a long and happy marriage. Fortunately for the lovebirds out there, psychologists are now publicly revealing these secrets…

Just A Little Respect


Even at your lowest points, it is vital to maintain respect for your partner. Always remember to articulate your feelings in that moment rather than going for personal attacks.


Comparison Kills

Relationships Reality

Just like when it comes to your own self-esteem, making unnecessary comparisons can kill your pride in your relationship. No one is perfect – and that’s okay!


Keep It Tight


Staying healthy isn’t solely good for you; it’s also essential to maintaining a happy marriage! In addition to looking great, you’ll feel great (and so will your partner).


Bae Before Babies

Kiwi Report

While it is always important to keep an eye on your kids, make sure not to do so at the expense of your relationship with your significant other.


Forgive Their Flaws


Let’s face it, no one is the perfect partner. Everyone is bound to mess up, so when that happens, it’s important that you be able to roll with it.


Don’t Go Changin’

Brian Hoover’s Blog

No matter how much they love you, you will never be able to change your partner. If you really love them, changing won’t be necessary anyways.


No Empty Threats

Huffington Post

When in an argument, it’s very important that you not drop intense terms like “divorce” unless you’re actually willing to act on them.

Keep It Clean

Video Blocks

No matter what, always try to keep your composure with your partner. Swearing at them or hitting below the belt can do nothing but harm.


Gossip With Care

Southern Living

Always be careful who you share negative details of your relationship with. When a well-meaning friend or family member hears it, they may be reluctant to support the relationship.


Speak Their Language


Take a quiz online and learn your partner’s love language. Moving forward, it’ll be valuable to know the best way to their heart.

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