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This Viral ‘Savings Challenge’ Saved This Mom $40,000!

Saving money can be a challenge for most people. We have bills to pay, a life to live, and kids to raise. Any money you have set aside gets caught up in Murphy’s Law, and before you know it, back-to-back emergencies eat up your nest egg. There are tricks, though, to save money, and Mary Franklin figured out a simple and ingenious way to save about $40,000 over 13 years.

Something About Mary

Mary Franklin is a mother of two and a journalism professor who was looking toward the future. Mary and her husband knew they wanted to set aside money for their daughters, but no matter how hard they tried, their savings plans didn’t stick. Time was ticking away. That’s when Mary came up with a plan.

Save Money Fast With Fives

Mary committed to setting aside five dollars every time she put her hands on a five dollar bill. Soon enough, she started saving more than she imagined!

The System

Mary explains in her blog that her system will only work if you use cash. Today’s world is so plastic and digital, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re spending. When you’re trying to save money, that’s a big no-no. You should start by looking at the week ahead and withdrawing enough money to pay for your expenses in cash. Every time you receive change and there’s a five-dollar bill, you set it aside and don’t spend it. No matter what.

Save Money Fast With Fives

Mary had a special place in her wallet for her fives. She would take them home and put them in an envelope. When she accumulated enough cash, she went to the bank and deposited it into a special account — one she never touched. Over 13 years, Mary saved almost $40,000 for her daughters’ futures!

Growing Your Piggie Bank

If Mary can do it, you can too. People have been trying Mary’s method with great results and some have varied the method. Can’t afford to put five-dollar bills aside? Try one dollar bills. Save at least 1 one dollar bill over a year and you’ll have $365 without breaking a sweat. If you can afford more, try $10 or $20 dollar bills and watch your savings grow like wildfire.


It’s important to save for your future, and if you have to trick yourself into doing it, all the better. Three things to keep in mind: always use cash, make sure you stash at least one five-dollar bill per day and put that money in a place you won’t touch it or can’t touch it. Before long you too will have a sizeable nest egg to fall back on.

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