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School Bus Driver Risks Her Job To Help A Hungry Stray Dog

The inspirational quote “Not all superheroes wear capes” has been circling around the Internet for a few years now. Its overexposure may have turned it into somewhat of a cliche. Even so, there’s a hardly a better way to capture this school bus driver and her nobility.

A Silent Vigilante

The school bus driver first saw the bony stray dog two years ago by a snowy road. Even though there was no food in the trash can it was scavenging, it found something much better – empathy. Ever since, the driver has been making an undeclared stop to give the dog food, which is why she has to remain anonymous. In the age of social media and public acts of “kindness,” this counts for even more. The results of her deeds are more than visible, considering the dog’s initial condition.

The bus driver is a volunteer at Feed the Furbabies Canada, an organization, dedicated to helping rescued pets. “She has continued to feed him every day, Monday to Friday, at the same location,” Kareena Grywinski, founder of Feed The Furbabies Canada says. “He sits and patiently waits every day, no matter what the weather is like.”

The Big Picture

As heartwarming as this ritual may be, it alludes to a bigger picture that needs to be addressed. Most likely, this is the dog’s only source of food. And even though the workweek of this generous driver ends on Friday, the animal’s needs continue without any days off.

The dog is still reluctant to get too close and let its guard completely down. Nevertheless, the driver has done wonders for the animal. Who knows – in a few more routes, an unlikely friendship might even unfold. For now, this is more than good enough.

Feed The Furbabies Canada

The organization, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, raises money for food and supplies for animals in need. What makes its work relevant, on top of admirable, is the number of stray dogs in the community – over 100. The city has the second highest dog-to-human ratio in the whole country.

“This community has over a 100 dogs needing to be rescued; it breaks our hearts that we can’t take them all home,” Grywinski says. “There just aren’t enough foster homes available for these precious pets. We do the best we can by providing them food and dog houses until a space opens up in a rescue for them.” The school bus driver’s act is both inspiring and a great reminder of the plight of animals who aren’t lucky enough to have a home of their own. It might spur other like-minded individuals to help in any way they can – be it by offering their home or just providing some much-needed food and attention.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved