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Scientist Saves Frog Clinging To His Car And It’s The Nicest Story You’ll Read Today

What is the weirdest thing you have seen on your morning commute to work? It’s probably nothing compared to what David Steen saw clinging to his car window earlier this month. He was surprised, but he knew exactly what he needed to do to help. He was in for an adventurous day at work.

The First Discovery

David Steen was driving to his office at the Georgie Sea Turtle Center. As a research ecologist, he is used to helping endangered wild animals, but he wasn’t expecting to see a tiny squirrel tree frog clinging to his car window. It was holding on for dear life, but luckily Steen knew just what to do.

Twitter via @AlongsideWild

To The Rescue

“I rolled down the window and ushered him inside where he kind of relaxed and made himself comfortable,” Steen shared on Twitter. Steen closely watched the frog as it perched on the car’s dashboard as they arrived together at Steen’s office. They were now ready for a long day of work.

Twitter via @AlongsideWild

The Best Work Buddy

Steen knew he couldn’t leave the frog in his car all day. Because of his expertise in animal care, Steen brought the frog into his office. With a plastic bag and moist paper towel, the frog comfortably sat on Steen’s office all day while the conservationist worked beside him.

Twitter via @AlongsideWild

The Journey Back Home

As the day ended, Steen decided to bring the frog back home with him. This time, the frog was more secure, with Steen placing the plastic bag in his car’s passenger seat and even fastening the seat belt to secure the frog in his seat. If anyone looked over at his car during the ride home, they were in for an adorable sight!

Twitter via @AlongsideWild

Setting Him Free

Once home, Steen knew he couldn’t keep the frog forever. Despite the many problems facing squirrel tree frogs, including habitat loss and disease, he knew the frog would be best on his own. He found a safe tree and set the frog free.

On Twitter, he wrote, “Farewell. Hop forth and eat bugs on my porch and we’ll call it even.”

Twitter via @AlongsideWild

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