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This Sculptor’s Wood Carvings Of Animals Look We Had To Do A Double Take

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If you love animals, you might appreciate the artwork by Japanese-Canadian sculptor, Mori Kono. The artist carves animals out of ordinary wood logs. The sculptures look exactly like animals. If you were to see the art pieces displayed in a home, you might think there was a raccoon in the house. Take a look at Kono’s best creations. It looks like the animals are about to pounce on you.

About The Artist

Kono specializes in wood sculptures, working on custom-carving projects. His main mission is to bring out, or back, the wondrousness of nature in the form of art. He hopes his sculptures provide viewers with a deeper feeling and respect towards nature and wild animals. His wood carvings are sometimes featured as fireplace mantle decorations or even the centerpiece in a hotel lobby.

Hang In There!

Kono sculpted two raccoons carved from logs. The art piece, titled “Mom & Baby Raccoons,” are mounted just right on the wall to look like the baby raccoon is clinging to a tree branch. His mother is positioned above him, almost like she is saying, “Hang in there!” The raccoons were carved from yellow cedar wood.

Kono shares photographs of his creations on Instagram, in which he always receives plenty of praises from fans. Regarding the sculpture piece with two raccoons, fans loved how accurate they looked. One Instagram user (@smedkarl) said, “Don’t let them out of sight, they will certainly escape to the wildlife.” They definitely look like they could run back to the forest.

Getting Ready For Winter

If you were to walk past this sculpture, you would think it was actually a chipmunk gathering nuts. He’s getting ready for winter, collecting as many acorns as possible. That’s why Kono titled the piece “Collecting Acorns,” because it’s an exact depiction of how chipmunks work to survive in the winter.

Kono’s followers loved the sculpture. One Instagram user (@moliverso) commented, “Wow! Excellent art! Amazing!” Other users commented that the art piece was definitely fantastic. They couldn’t get enough of the creativity, but also Kono’s precise attention to detail. He wanted to make sure his sculpture resembled a chipmunk as accurately as possible.

Nesting Time

Many people love watching birds, especially how they build nests in the spring and lay eggs. When the baby birds are hatched, people love watching how they eagerly eat worms provided by their mother, as well as when they learn how to flap their wings and fly. They eventually have to leave the nest.

Kono’s sculpture, titled “Eagle Family,” perfectly shows a mother eagle and her two baby birds in a nest. Of course, the sculpture is made of wood, but it looks like the eagle and baby birds are sculpted exactly as they look in nature. Followers commented that the sculpture was another amazing creation by Kono, but he wasn’t going to stop there.

Beavers On The Rim

Nature offers multiple animals Kono could choose from to add to his art collection. His piece, titled “Circle of Eternal Love,” features two beavers on the rim of a tree trunk. Carved from silver maple wood, the beavers look like they’re the best of friends. They’re relaxing in their natural habitat. Followers commented that the sculpture was very beautiful. We don’t disagree with them.

A Collection Of Bears

While Kono can sculpt just about any animal in nature, his art collection features multiple bears carved from wood. It’s Kono’s best work—where he’s creative with the way he sculpts bears in the wood. Some bears look as though they’re on a tree, peeking out from a hole in a tree, or the wood log is transformed to look like a bear itself. Fans love his bear sculptures and can’t get enough of his talented work.

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