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This $1,200 Self-Cleaning Smart Toilet Can ‘Take Care Of Business’ For Your Dog

Dog people are a special breed who will do anything for their fur baby. It’s not always fun and games putting a pooch outside to relieve themselves in inclement weather, and grabbing a pooper scooper or bag for collecting waste is far from glamorous. A Texas-based company has devised an indoor toilet for dogs which rewards Fido with a treat and spritzes air freshener after every use.

Bow Wow To That

Newtons Box unleashed its Inubox prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dogs and their owners “were over the moon” at the prospect of an automated smart toilet for pups.

Newtons Box began a Kickstarter Campaign to produce the indoor commodes for canines following its debut at the CES. Campaign supporters can snag an Inubox for their four-legged family with a 42% discount off of the suggested retail price.

Beat That Litter Box

Inubox is a pet waste removal system of the future, complete with a touch screen control, and an app for convenience. Sensors know when a dog steps on and off of the platform, and an eight-minute cleaning process using robotic arms takes care of liquid and solid waste out of sight.

Anything that is collected gets placed into an eco-friendly bag until disposal. The Inubox makes sure to give pooches a treat after each use, to encourage dogs to use the indoor toilet.

Worth A Tail Wag

The Inubox has a retail value of $1,200, but for an odorless toilet that you don’t have to clean for months, it’s well worth the price tag. Ivan Gutierrez, the founder of Newtons Box stated, “We created Inubox thinking about our best friends.”

Daria Shevtova / Pexels

Often dog parents become stressed about leaving their pups at home for long hours, unable to relieve themselves, when away at work or running an errand. Inubox provides a tech-savvy solution that is pleasing to pooches and owners alike.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved