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Seven-Year-Old Hero Bikes Down The Highway To Save Dad’s Life

The idea of a child biking down the highway and accepting help from strangers makes most parents nervous, but one father is alive thanks to his seven-year-old doing just that. When Cameron Simoncic found his dad had fainted in the family’s South Carolina home, he knew exactly what to do.

An Emergency Situation

The February 2019 incident wasn’t the first for Cameron, however it’d soon take a turn that’d end up making national headlines. Cameron’s father had diabetes, and this wasn’t the first time he’s slipped out of consciousness due to hypoglycemic shock. Cameron was prepared to call an ambulance, but the only phone around was his father’s password protected cell phone. He tried to guess the password, but it didn’t work.

Cameron ran outside to try to get help from a next-door neighbor, but no one was home. The next closest person who could help was Cameron’s grandmother, but she lived quite a distance away.

Hitting The Highway

Cameron quickly got on his bike and started racing down the highway. He knew a lot of information about his father’s medical condition, so he knew that his dad could suffer permanent brain damage, slip into a coma, or even die if he didn’t get medical care soon enough.

As chance would have it, a familiar face noticed Cameron pedalling down the road. His preschool teacher, Keller Sutherland, happened to be passing by with her husband. When she realized who she saw, she asked her husband to turn the car around.

A Storybook Ending

Cameron was relieved. He explained the situation to his former teacher, and she called 911 for him. Thanks to Cameron’s heroic efforts, paramedics were able to reach his father made a full recovery.

Sutherland was considering leaving the teaching profession due to burnout. However, her experience with Cameron renewed her desire to continue in the profession. “There’s no doubt that God placed me where he did when he needed me,” Sutherland told South Carolina’s WSPA 7 News.

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