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Shelter Dog Gets New Life After Jumping Into Random UPS Van

Sometimes humans don’t choose the animals in their life; animals choose their humans. Ernie was a homeless dog holding out hope for a loving family when he decided to take matters into his own hands. When a volunteer at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter took Ernie out on a walk, something incredible happened.

Waiting For That Special Someone

Sadly, many animals call shelters their home, waiting for the day they can find a forever family. Cindy Grisanti is a volunteer at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, where Ernie had quickly found himself a long-term resident, and without a home.

WKBW Buffalo

It was a typical day when Cindy was taking Ernie out for a walk, for some much-needed exercise and fresh air. When Cindy and Ernie passed up a parked UPS truck, Ernie decided to take a leap of faith.

Head Over Heels

Jason Coronado was taking a ten-minute break when Ernie took notice of the driver. Ernie reacted to Jason like he was a long-lost friend, tail wagging, smiling, and eager to get close. Jason was so surprised by Ernie’s behavior that he welcomed the pooch to sit with him in the cabin of his truck.

Sweet Buffalo

Ernie was quick to make a move to cement the new friendship, licking Jason’s face and giving out plenty of snuggles. It took Cindy some time to get Ernie to say goodbye to Jason so that they could continue their walk.

Home At Last

Ernie made such an impression on Jason that he wasn’t quick to forget the encounter. After more than a month later, Jason happened upon a social media post about Ernie still looking to get adopted.

Cindy Grisanti via Facebook

Jason decided to talk about adopting Ernie with his family and then headed to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter to make everything official. Ernie was thrilled to finally have a family and home, after an extended stay at the shelter.

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