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Siberian Husky Saves Owner’s Life Three Times By Sniffing Out Her Illness

It’s no secret that dogs have an incredible sense of smell, but this dog’s ability really supersedes the norm. She’s been able to save the life of her owner not once, not twice, but three times by only using her nose. Read on to find out more about this unbelievable story.

An Unexpected Surprise

Stephanie Herfel served in the military back in the 1980s and her son eventually followed in her footsteps. When he was deployed, he didn’t want to leave his mom without a new companion. Stephanie’s son surprised her with an adorable Siberian husky to keep her company. Little did Stephanie know that this husky was a gift that would ultimately save her life.

Best Friends Forever

Stephanie named the nine-month-old husky Sierra. The two had an immediate bond and quickly became best friends. After Stephanie got married and moved to another state, Sierra was there for the ride. The dog would soon prove her loyalty to and love for Stephanie in a major way. And it all came from Sierra’s sense of smell.

Discovering A Problem

One day in 2013, Stephanie had severe abdominal pain and also noticed that Sierra was acting strangely around her. The dog sniffed her stomach several times and then hid. Stephanie went to the gynecologist and was originally diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. When Sierra began acting strangely again, Stephanie went to get a second opinion. Another gynecologist confirmed that she really had stage III ovarian cancer.

Sniffing It Out

Stephanie underwent a hysterectomy and chemotherapy for her cancer. However, Sierra again showed the same unusual behavior in 2015 and again a year later. Each time, Stephanie went to the doctor and discovered that she had cancer again –– first in her liver and then her pelvis. She owes her early detection all to Sierra’s nose!

An Incredible Gift

Sierra’s gift to detect this debilitating disease went beyond Stephanie. The husky reacted similarly when Stephanie’s friend had cancer. Stephanie herself is now cancer-free thanks to early detection by Sierra. The woman is now working to raise money for women with ovarian cancer, and also plans to write a book about her deep bond with this wonderful dog.

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