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5 Of The Silliest Social Media Challenges To Have Swept The Internet

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Each year, we’re introduced to new social media challenges and nothing provides comedic relief quite like watching people attempt the most ridiculous of things. These social media challenges left us particularly perplexed at how people thought of such ridiculous tasks to begin with. Which one deserves the number one spot?

1. Planking Challenge

The Planking Challenge was arguably what got the ball rolling on the social media challenge craze some years back. Originating in Australia, it started with a group of friends who created a Facebook page to share snaps of them posing like vertical statues while laying firmly across random objects. As a result, plankers across the world shared images of themselves doing the same.

planking challenge


Brownie points to these two for planking over a moving conveyor belt. It certainly amps up the fear factor beyond just posing on the floor. One question though: does planking count in place of going to the gym? Asking for a friend.

2. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

While DIY projects have always been trending, DIY lip plumping was short-lived and we could not be happier about it. Remember when it was ‘in’ to shove your lips into a shot glass or bottle, suck in, and yank it off all in the name of getting a plumper pout?

kylie jenner lip challenge


Instagrammer, Alice shows us the outcome of the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge and judging by her facial expression, it seemed to have been pretty painful. And just when we thought this was as silly a social media challenge as it gets, we were reminded of the following viral trends that swept the Internet. 

3. Bottle Cap Challenge

Somehow, amid all the meet-and-greets and dodging paparazzi, celebrities find the time to participate in social media challenges – and we are all for it. The most recent challenge to have hit the Internet involves untwisting a loosely shut bottle cap with a spin kick. The kicker? The bottle itself isn’t allowed to move.

John Mayer bottle cap social media challenge


Taekwondo fighter, Farabi Davletchin, seemingly spearheaded the Bottle Cap Challenge and several other martial artists quickly followed suit. “Gravity” singer, John Mayer, was the first non-martial artist to attempt the challenge and we’d say he nailed it. Could defying gravity have something to do with it?

4. Eat It Or Wear It Challenge

In the Eat It Or Wear It Challenge, different foods are placed into separate numbered bags. A player chooses a number, checks the components of the bag, and decides whether to eat it or wear it. If they choose to eat it, they get to pour the remainder over another player’s head. If they choose to wear it, you can imagine what happens next.

Eat it or wear it challenge

YouTube/Matt and Rebecca

YouTube vloggers, Matt and Rebecca, dumped 500 different foods over their heads in their silly video that went viral. Anyone else think they must have had a bunch of extra food in their pantry – and not to mention – lots of down time to do laundry?

5. 100 Layers Challenge

Though the 100 Layers Challenge dates back three years, it remains one of the silliest yet. Starting with vloggers challenging each other to wear 100 layers of nail polish, it transformed into squeezing into 100 layers of clothing, and then into caking on 100 layers of makeup. Whoever pioneered this needs some recognition, or maybe in vlogger Jenna Marbles’ case, a lifetime supply of Neutrogena makeup wipes. 

100 layers silly social media challenge

YouTube/Jenna Marbles

Jenna simultaneously packed on 100 layers of (brace yourself – it’s a long list) self tanner, foundation, nail polish, lip gloss, hairspray, and fake eyelashes! Speaking of a challenge, who else is wondering if after three years she has finally managed to remove all the layers? 

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