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The Similarities Between These Pets And Their Owners Are Just “Pawsome”

How would you feel if someone told you that you and your dog looked just alike? According to science, uncanny resemblances between canines and their owners are almost a guarantee. And now, a London-based photographer is on a mission to share just how adorably strange these similarities truly are!

Do We Really Look Like Our Pets?

Some people may not find it flattering to be told that they look like just their dogs. However, many pets seem to truly take on the appearance of their humans. Recently, a photographer set out to prove the old myth that owners resemble their pets to be unarguably true. He was more than successful, and the results of his experiment are as stunning as they are cute.

Gerrard Gethings/Laurence King

Gerrard Gethings: Animal Photographer Extraordinaire

Well-known animal photographer Gerrard Gethings is based out of East London. Gethings has photographed a variety of fascinating subjects, from pigeons to bumblebees to donkeys. Of the animals that he takes pictures of, Gethings admits that “I have never met one with even the slightest interest in photography.” However, he’s persisted in photographing a number of majestic creatures. He recently incorporated humans into a new, adorable project.


A Unique Experiment To Unearth The Truth

Back in 2008, Gethings adopted a little terrier named Baxter, and the pup made him fall in love with photographing animals. What better way to pay tribute to the breed that first motivated him than focusing on the unique relationship between canines and their owners? With the intent of proving that humans and their pets resemble one another, Gethings began to photograph a number of devoted dog owners and their canines. The resulting images weren’t just adorable – they were also scarily accurate!

Gerrard Gethings/Laurence King

More Uncanny Than You Could Imagine

Under the Instagram hashtag #doyoulooklikeyourdog, Gethings has been uploading his gorgeous and spooky collection. Of course, the internet has fallen in love with the amazing resemblances between the dogs and the owners he’s been photographing. Can you wrap your head around the similarities in his series? The colors? The smiles? Fur and hair? While science has said that pet owners are more likely to choose creatures who resemble them, Gethings believe its all a matter of ego.


Gethings’ Take On The Reason

“I suspect that when we see beauty in a dog, we are perhaps pointing a finger at ourselves,” Gethings shared. “It’s subconscious but there all the same.” Even Gethings admits that his pup shares his light brown hair and beard! No matter if you’re a dog lover or not, you can’t deny the stunning resemblances between the owners and canines in Gethings’ expansive series.


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