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Thanks To A Stroke Of Luck, This Single Mom Managed To Live Rent-Free For Years In Midst Of Recession

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A single mother worried about how she would pay the rent on the beautiful home she and her kids were living in. However, an unusual crisis in America would, surprisingly, work to her advantage for almost an entire decade.

A Unique Living Arrangement

In 2005, single mom Lisa Hardy was working as a realtor for a company named Showhomes Property Management in Indianapolis, Indiana. Knowing she was trying to get her finances in order, the company allowed her and her kids to stay in a three-bedroom home rent-free.

Lisa knew that she would eventually have to start paying rent on the home. However, her company gave no timeline as to when that would be. A year later, Lisa was still living there rent-free. But then a huge financial crisis hit.

A Mortgage Meltdown

The mortgage crisis in America in the late 2000s hit the real estate industry hard. Showhomes Property Management struggled and ended up laying off Lisa and going out of business. Lisa knew for sure that she’d have to finally pay for her home.

The mom stayed in the house, waiting for a letter or call telling her to pay up. Nothing ever came. So Lisa simply continued to pay for the utilities. While other homes around her were put up for auction, hers, oddly, never was. So she and her kids stayed put.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Nine years later, it was like the house had been completely forgotten in the midst of the crisis. Lisa continued to raise her kids in the house and save money. Finally, in 2014, that changed. An investment company in Singapore called CTL Group bought the property. The founder, Clara Tan Lisin, had no problem with Lisa staying there, as long as she could pay rent.

Lisa and Clara worked out a deal so that Lisa was able to stay. Even though she had to finally pay rent, Lisa was a little relieved that no one would kick her out at random. Nine years of no rent was pretty sweet while it lasted, though!

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