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Siri Credited With Saving Young Motorcyclist’s Life After Serious Crash

New technology is being developed every day to help aid and improve daily human life. Many developments have even proved life-saving. This 17-year-old motorcyclist can certainly testify to this!

New Developments: Apple’s Life-Saving Technology

In recent months, developing Apple products have proved to be remarkably helpful in everything from detecting potential heart attacks to alerting emergency services to users’ precise location when they call for help. Though one long-lasting feature of the iPhone can be credited with the rescue of a crashed motorcyclist last week!

Daily Mail

Darcy McKay, a teenage resident in Merimbula, Australia found himself in a harrowing situation when he was riding his motrocycle home from work on a low-traffic road on May 17th. The confident young rider flew around a corner directly into a pothole. Though the boy could still wiggle his feet, he knew something was seriously wrong.

Very Bad Crash

After flipping violently over the handlebars of his bike, McKay found himself lying on his back in severe pain. The young man had fractured his tailbone and several parts of his vertebrae and was experiencing internal bleeding. Things seemed bleak for the motorcyclist.

The Flinders News

“It was pretty nasty… I couldn’t move my legs, I had no muscle movement at all,” he explained. Thankfully, the sharp kid used his smarts and realized what he had to do to get out of that horrifying situation!

Summoning Siri: A Quick-Witted Decision

Acting quickly, the panicked young man ordered Siri, iPhone’s voice assistant, to call triple zero (Australia’s 9-1-1) for him. Although McKay’s movement was severely compromised, the boy was able to explain his situation and give directions to the operator. Just 20 minutes later, a team arrived to rescue him!

The Sydney Morning Herald

McKay knew he likely wouldn’t have been rescued had he not had access to Siri, and he firmly believes everyone should activate the assistant on their phones. “If a situation like that happens, you need Siri,” he shared.

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