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Oh Look, Slippers You Can ‘Nuke In The Microwave’ To Keep Your Feet Toasty

When colder weather arrives, it can be difficult keeping your feet dry, cozy, and warm. Thanks to a company called PREZZYBOX, you don’t have to live with frozen toes ever again. PREZZYBOX retails a pair of fuzzy, boot-style slippers to keep your feet from feeling the chill, after a little session in the microwave.

Fun And Fashionable

It can be difficult finding the right pair of slippers without cramping your style. PREZZYBOX wants to keep your feet covered in the softest slippers around, with ample coverage for cold ankles, too. These fluffy booties come in white or pink and in a range of sizes.


There’s no reason to suffer from cold feet in the bed during the fall or winter season. PREZZYBOX’s slippers make a perfect gift item for anyone who lives with chilly feet while they sleep.

Lounge In Luxury

PREZZYBOX’s slippers have received rave reviews. One customer named Mike had this to say about the footwear. “Bought these for my wife who always has cold feet!!! She loved them, and more importantly for me – no more cold feet.” Instead of struggling with a bed partner for the blankets, or shivering like mad when a loved one’s cold feet touch your skin, give them these slippers instead.


Anyone wearing these slippers will feel like they have landed in the lap of luxury, as they are scented with lavender to help you relax. Lounge about all day, or spend a warm night inside with these slippers on your feet.

Feel The Brrr No More

Warm up those cold feet with the royal treatment. After tossing a pair of PREZZYBOX’s slippers into the microwave to heat up, they quickly thaw out frozen toes. The lavender in these slippers melt away tension and improve blood circulation while they keep the cold out.


It can be challenging finding slippers that are enjoyable to wear, but it’s fun to put on a pair of PREZZYBOX’s slippers after popping them in the microwave. These slippers are a great gift to give to yourself, someone dear to your heart, or anyone with perpetually icy feet.

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