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5 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

A tiny bathroom can be tough to navigate. From towels to toiletries, there are just so many things that can get in your way. Luckily, there are a few decorating and storage solutions that can make the space look and feel larger. Keep reading for five organizing tips that will reduce clutter and increase order.

Utilize Hidden Storage

When it comes to your small bathroom, the last thing you want is to try to fit a chest of drawers in an already cramped area. Instead, save space by utilizing the features already in the room to create extra storage. For example, cabinets can be hidden behind mirrors or paintings and the area beneath the tub can even be turned into drawers.

Place storage above the toilet

Storage space in a tiny bathroom can be hard to come by and, unfortunately, most smaller homes also lack a linen closet. Hanging shelves or a cabinet above the toilet can help create valuable space and leave the floor free of clutter. Another fun option? Hang wicker baskets from a curtain rod–they’re pretty and come in lots of different styles.

Get Creative With Toilet Paper

Everyone needs toilet paper, but not everyone has the space to store it. If you can’t fit a stand-up toilet paper holder on your floor, there are plenty of other options. Consider placing a few rolls into a basket atop the toilet or installing a fun rack that hangs on the wall. Functional and cute!

Simplify Makeup Storage

Those who use it know that makeup can take up a ton of space. Instead of leaving it scattered on the vanity, try placing a hanging shoe holder on the back of the bathroom door. Each pocket can be used for a different product, such as lipsticks or makeup brushes, eliminating mess and making your morning routine easier.

Use A DIY Storage Ladder

Have an old ladder laying around? Repurpose it for some creative bathroom storage–a little paint and a lot of TLC can turn it into a cute shelving option. Keep towels hanging from the rungs or even attach hanging baskets to store loose items. To save even more space, remove the bottom rungs so the ladder can be placed above the toilet.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved