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Snapchat Now Offers These Adorable Filters Just For Your Pets

Dedicated Snapchat users absolutely love the interactive filters the app provides. What’s even more fun is attempting to take cute photos with their pets. Well now, the app has made filters just for pups!

Strike A Pose

Snapchat has created “dog lenses,” which cater specifically to pups. The filters include black glasses, giant wireframe glasses, antlers, floating hearts, a butterfly on their nose, a pizza around their face (with pizza dog ears for any human in the photo), and a crown made of dog treats.

Snap, Inc. / Mashable

The filters were released on December 24, which made for a lot of great holiday selfies. Of course, it might be a little difficult getting your pooch to sit still long enough for a photo. If he or she does, though, it will make for an adorable photo!

Making A Change

Users have tried to take photos using Snapchat’s fun filters with their dogs for quite some time. However, the filters were made to work for humans and not their canine friends. Most photos using the regular filters with pets would be distorted.

Twitter / ShinShufield

With these new specialized filters, dogs are automatically recognized by the app. That leaves you with a great, matching picture with you and your pup.

Kitty Filters

This isn’t the first Snapchat delved into animal-specific lenses. Cats were able to try out some lenses of their own when Snap, Inc. released then in October 2018. The filters included rainbow unicorn horns, puffy lips, googly eyes, and even a piece of toast over a feline’s face.


Both sets of filters have gotten great reviews so far. Now that both cats and dogs have their own lenses, we can only wonder which pet might be next.  For now, though, we can enjoy the cutest cats and dogs taking flicks.

Check out the dog lenses below!

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