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Snapchat Takes On New Territory With Desktop Filter App, Snap Camera

Snapchat is known for its exciting and detailed filters that users love. Now the popular app is bringing those filters right to your computer!

Smile For The Camera

Snapchat has developed Snap Camera for people to use the company’s filters for videos, photos, and even conference calls. After installing the app, you can choose from 250,000 filters (or lenses as Snapchat calls them), even searching for lenses using keywords.

What is even better is that you can save your favorite filters or browse the lenses you’ve uses most recently in a special tab. A Snapchat account is not required to download or use the free app. You can’t even log in to Snapchat from the desktop. Anyone can download the free app through the Snap Camera website onto their Windows or Mac device.

An App For Creatives

Snapchat’s decision to launch the new camera app was inspired by the success of its Lens Studio product. The product allowed users to create their own filters for use, many of which have been used for Snap Camera.

“We saw there is a shift in the community where anyone who wants to be creative wants to build AR applications, but they don’t have the skills to build a standalone app,” said Eitan Pilpski, Snapchat’s VP of camera platform. “What Snap Camera signals is that we at Snapchat wanted to make sure that we are leading the industry and leading the creative community in terms of providing them the ability to have a presence in AR.”

Opportunity For Growth

Since the launch of Snap Camera with the help of Lens Studio, the filters provided have been viewed 15 billion times. It’s the latest update for the company in attempts to continue to grow its brand without just the app. After losing 2 million users in its last quarter, Snapchat has been trying new strategies and updates to compete with Facebook and Instagram.

Snap Camera isn’t the only thing new for the company. Snapchat also has the option for stories to be publicly shared, so that media companies can publish content on their sites. Users can also share their snaps outside of the app as well.

Check out a look at the new app below!

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