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Social Media Goes Crazy Over ‘Bedazzled’ Emirates Airplane That Isn’t What It Seems

When you’re a luxury airline and you want to make a statement, how do you do it? With bling and lots of it. All. Over. Your. Airplane.

Bedazzled Airplane Dazzles Fans

Fans knew that Emirates Airlines is known for providing luxury air travel with top-notch service, but when they saw the photo below, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Was the airline really taking luxury to the next level?


When they saw this tweet of a sparkling jet, nicknamed the Bling 777, they thought so.

Social Media Goes Wild

After the photo was tweeted, the internet exploded. Everyone assumed the gems were real. Some people worried the diamonds’ extra weight would endanger passengers once it was in the air. Some were upset that the airline would spend millions of dollars so frivolously when there were people in need. Others accused the airline of showing off.

Yahoo Finance /Twitter

What many fans seemed to miss was that the plane wasn’t encrusted in diamonds at all. It was a piece of artwork created by Sara Shakeel, a former dentist turned photographer who is known for creating images of sparkle-encrusted portraits. The airline attributed it to her in the first tweet, but most fans didn’t notice and thought the plane was real.

Reaction Surprises Emirates And Shakeel

The success of the tweet took Shakeel, Emirates Airlines, and many others by surprise. Shakeel has close to 500,000 followers and the airline is closely followed as well. As a result, the post was retweeted thousands of times and public reaction was intense. Shakeel provided her own reaction through social media on Twitter.

Sara Shakeel Twitter

Emirates airlines had a spokesperson respond. “We just posted an art piece created by crystal artist Sara Shakeel. I can confirm it’s not real,” he told the Dubai Daily News.

These corrections were a great effort, but they didn’t do much to calm fans’ reactions. A sparkling jet airliner is hard to forget and many fans still can’t seem to believe it isn’t real. Maybe it will come true someday, but for now, the image is just a beautiful work of art.

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