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The Internet Can’t Stop Fawning Over This Soldier Who Went To Adopt A Puppy, But Took Home A Cat Instead

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When rescuing an animal from a shelter for a companion, sometimes it’s the animal that chooses the human. A snowstorm was threatening to snow-in its shelter residents, so a radio alert went out for help. A soldier near the shelter was interested in picking up a canine, but he ended up walking away with a kitten instead. Unbelievably, someone who never considered themselves a “cat guy,” had their heart melted by a feline. The Internet had a sweet reaction to posts about the duo online Twitter and Imgur. Their story is all too cute!

Gimme Shelter

Soldier and Imgur user, SpamwiseJamkey was spending time in Virginia training. While SpamwiseJamkey was heading home amidst a brewing snowstorm, the weather was threatening the animals residing at the Richmond Animal League. An SOS radio advert went out, as staff feared they would be snowed-in, and their furry friends could use a temporary or permanent home. Little did the soldier realize, life was going to take an unexpected turn of events.

Since the soldier was living alone, he thought adopting a puppy would make the perfect addition for his life. When SpamwiseJamkey arrived at the Richmond Animal League, all of the pooches had already been placed in homes. The soldier was in no way a fan of cats, but he said, “… I couldn’t bring myself to simply leave without even considering what I had gone there for.” Staff invited the soldier to the cat room to see if he would hit it off with any of the cats in need of a loving home.

Bringing Home Barb

Shelter staff noticed that SpamwiseJamkey wasn’t too thrilled about adopting any of the felines in the cat room, so they had one more option. The soldier was ushered to the lobby to see if a young kitten would be a good match. A tortoiseshell kitten named Marbles was hiding out in the corner of her cage. SpamwiseJamkey was invited to pick up the kitten. The soldier commented on the experience, “I opened the cage, picker her up and that was it.” He had a change of heart towards cats once Marbles began emitting pitiful mews and pushed her face into his cap.

I’m not a cat guy, but…

“I turned into a huge sap. I was not a cat guy, but I guess you can say I’m a cat guy now.” After putting Marbles back in her cage, the soldier filled out the necessary paperwork and prepared to take his new best bud home. Online Twitter, @SpamwiseJamkey posted that he made the frontpage of Imgur on May 25, 2018. The Twitter post received five likes. On Imgur, the same post of the soldier and kitten received 145,505 views and 3,061 votes.

One Furry Full House

Marbles was re-named Barb by SpamwiseJamkey, and life was filled with nuzzles, cuddles, purrs, and hanging out. Barb got her name because of the following, “…I thought it would just be funny to be on the phone with someone and yell ‘GET OFF THE TABLE BARB!!!” At her new home, Barb loved hanging out on her new dad’s shoulders, napping by the window, and being the center of attention. Online Imgur, SpamwiseJamkey has plenty of photos showing Barb and her housemates in action. Six months after Barb was adopted, SpamwiseJamkey adopted a pup named Rupert. Barb and Rupert became inseparable, spending time playing and snuggling with one another. The duo spent plenty of time napping when not handing out with their dad.

Barb was happy to play matriarch in the family, and was super loveable with everyone, when not being needy. Two years following Barb’s adoption, the household grew even larger. SpamwiseJamkey’s girlfriend moved in with her two cats, Bruce and Joe. Barb still lets everyone know who’s the boss of the house, but she still gets along swimmingly with her furry family members. You never know who will find their way into your heart when adopting an animal from a shelter. Despite the adage that dogs are “man’s best friend,” cats can prove purr-rific friends too.

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