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Soldier Buys Meal For Boys Asking For Cash, Then Learned They Were Actually Fundraising

You never know what will transpire when you’re in a public restaurant. Just ask Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon, who experienced an unusual event at Taco Bell on a chilly evening in January 2018. He only wanted to buy some tacos, but he probably didn’t expect this to happen.

Tacos, Please

On January 27, 2018, Risdon had just made an appearance at the all-star college football Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. He was driving home when he saw a Taco Bell. He realized just how hungry he was and decided to stop for some tacos. But Risdon had no idea he was in for a night he’ll never forget.

No Money On Him

While Ridson was in Taco Bell, two young boys marched into the restaurant. Risdon noticed the boys’ appearances—their torn clothes, and they were shivering from the rain storm. The boys approached Risdon and asked if he had any cash. He didn’t; he only had a credit card. But the boys weren’t expecting Risdon to follow up with this question.

Tacos For Everyone

Risdon asked the boys a simple question: “Can you boys finish off 10 tacos?” The boys looked hungry and Risdon remembered how he felt from his years of service in Saudi Arabia. Risdon said they could order anything they wanted, and he paid for the meal. The boys were grateful for the kind gesture, but that’s not why they asked him for money.

Collecting Church Donations

Contrary to Risdon’s suspicion, the boys weren’t homeless. They were collecting money for their local church by selling candy. Once Risdon realized his mistake, he was relieved the boys were only collecting money for a good cause. But that doesn’t mean he regrets paying for their meal.

Salute To You, Soldier

Seeing the boys smile was enough of a thank you to Risdon. But one of the boys tried to salute, but he didn’t do it right. Risdon spent the next few minutes teaching the boys how to correctly salute. Afterward, the boys told Risdon they want to grow up to be just like him. But if you ask Risdon, it’s the other way around. To Risdon, “they inspire me just as much.”

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