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Someone Put $100 And A Mysterious Note In A Ziploc Bag In Nova Scotia

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June 22, 2019, would not be a regular day at work for Doug Miller, a municipal worker in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. While setting up for an upcoming event that would be held in one of the town’s parks, Doug found a plastic bag with money and a note inside. At first, he was suspicious of the package, but it turned out to be a kind gesture from an anonymous person who simply wanted to brighten the day of a stranger. Doug became the happy owner of a $100 Canadian dollars, and the citizens of New Glasgow drew closer together.

An Anonymous Note

Doug was at Carmichael Park because it was his responsibility to help set up and breakdown public events that the city of New Glasgow was hosting. He was putting equipment in a gazebo when something on the ground caught his eye. It was the bag with the note. When Doug cautiously opened up the plastic bag he’d found lying on the ground, he found a crisp $100 bill and a handwritten note on yellow paper. The note reads, “To whoever finds this $100 bill- it is yours! I hope it will bring you joy and that you will use it for your own enjoyment. Always know that there is good in the world and joy to be found. I hope you know, or will learn, that you are priceless and worth more than any paper or plastic. I hope you will always choose to be happy. Love.”

Doug was happy to have an extra $100 just for himself, and he excitedly shared the news with his coworkers. One of them came up with the idea of posting Doug’s story on the Town of New Glasgow Facebook page. There, other members of their small community were able to feel some of the residual effects of the mysterious stranger’s kindness.

How The Note Went Viral

In just a few weeks since being posted, the original post of this heartwarming story has received over 90 comments and 388 shares. News agencies around the world are covering Doug’s story, and, as the comments on the original post show, this kind gesture is warming the hearts of all in New Glasgow.

Snappy Tracy says, “That’s my brother and he certainly needs the money!! Thank you to whomever (sic) did this amazing thing.” Mike Eis says, “I’m moving to New Glasgow in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to be part of such a great community.” Many in New Glasgow have commented that a better person could not have found the money. In addition to having a financial need for the money, Doug is known for being a hard worker and an all around great person.

The Impact On The Community

Stories like these draw communities together. We are reminded that there are people out there who still care about others. The person who left this note was selfless and did not want any kind of personal recognition. The note was especially touching because it reminded Doug, and the thousands of other people who read it, that we are not defined by money, the things we own, or the things we achieve. Our true worth comes from the impact we make in the lives of others and the way we treat them.

Although we may not all be able to afford to give $100 bills to strangers, we can all look for little ways to make our communities better places to live. Small changes in our day to day routines to help others can make a big difference in someone else’s life.  A smile can go a long way in making someone else feel cared for.

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