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Son Asks Mom To Pack Two School Lunches For The Most Touching Reason

When Josette Duran’s son asked her to pack him two school lunches, she became suspicious. Was he hungry? Was she not packing a good lunch? But that’s not the case at all. In reality, her son was being a good citizen—or cafeteria friend—and helping his fellow classmate with a simple act of kindness.

An Unusual Request

It was unusual for Duran’s son, Dylan, to ask for two school lunches. But that’s what happened. No, he wasn’t overly hungry. He was eating enough, but the second lunch wasn’t for him. Instead, it was for a fellow classmate, who he noticed wasn’t eating enough at lunchtime. That’s when Dylan decided to lend a helping hand.

Josette Duran via Facebook

Here, Take Mine

Dylan’s friend only packed one small fruit cup for lunch. That’s it. Dylan knew his friend wasn’t eating enough during the school day, so he asked his mom for a simple favor—to pack two lunches and he gave the extra lunch to his classmate. It’s a random act of kindness, but it meant the world to his friend—and his mom, too.

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Proud Of Her Son

Duran was obviously proud of her son and she continued to pack two school lunches every day. She even left hidden notes in the lunch boxes: “Have a great lunch, boys!” Duran was happy to give an extra sandwich, bag of potato chips, and a cup of applesauce to another child in need. So, when she found herself sitting inside the elementary school’s principal office, Duran had no idea what to expect.

Josette Duran via Facebook

Grateful For The Act Of Kindness

Duran wasn’t in trouble. Instead, the other student’s mother was told about the act of kindness and she wanted to thank Duran. The child’s mother was a single parent who had recently lost her job and was struggling financially. But after hearing Duran was helping her son, she wanted to pay her, but Duran wouldn’t allow that.

Josette Duran via Facebook

“Everyone Can Eat”

The volleyball team Duran coaches has helped raise $400 to pay past-due accounts for children at her son’s school cafeteria. Nobody in the school owes any money and, as Duran added, “Now everyone can eat.”

Duran’s good deed is inspiring others, but if you ask her, the real person to thank is her son for noticing his friend’s situation long before anyone else.

Josette Duran via Today

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