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Rejected From Every Job, Special Needs Grad Preseveres Against All Odds  

Children with special needs have an exceedingly difficult transition from high school to the workforce or higher education. While there are programs in place to assist these students while they are in high school, the education system was not built to accommodate them. Leaving many feeling lost and helpless trying to survive.

The majority of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities are unemployed or underemployed. Most people with special needs have potential far exceeding what they were educated for. That is what Charles “Bam Bam” Bonds, Jr. felt after graduating high school.

After graduating high school in Gonzalez Texas, east of San Antonio, Bam Bam sent out job applications across town, but no one seemed willing to give him a chance. Feeling alone and depressed Bam Bam didn’t know where to turn, his mother was in tears, knowing he was being turned down due to his special needs.

A 2011 study showed that fewer than half of young adults with multiple disabilities had paid jobs up to six years after high school. Even worse, a 2014 Justice Department investigation found that thousands of special needs adults in Rhode Island were working, segregated with other disabled adults, for as little $2.21 an hour. Some were even working for free, with businesses saying it was because the work was “therapeutic.”

Then came incredible news, Bam Bam’s mother posted this moving message on Facebook:

“My 1 And Only Charles Bonds Jr. Aka Bam Bam He’s Been Putting In applications all over Gonzales since he graduated last year, he was getting very frustrated,(He ask me mamma, is it because I’m special and, of course as a mother it brought me to tears and I told him no you just have to push even harder and that’s what he did) because nobody would give him a chance, but God Is Good And heard My Baby Cry And Answered His Prayer, He’s Now An employ here at Whataburger he tells me Mom I’m not going to give it 100% imma give it a thousand percent and I know he will !!!! God Might Not Come When U Want Him But His Always On Time…. THAT SMILE ON HIS FACE…… PRICELESS !!!!”

The post quickly went viral, with thousands offering Bam Bam their support and promising to stop by his Whataburger location to say hi.  Bam Bam has now gained confidence, friends and self-worth thanks to his new job at Whataburger. His mother couldn’t be prouder.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved