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Spider-Man Spotted Helping Out With Hurricane Irma Cleanup

As Hurricane Irma died down, Cheryl Hanbury from Bradenton, Florida, was out early the next day to survey the damage of the natural disaster and to start cleaning up. She was then shocked when she spotted someone in a Spider-Man costume cutting a fallen tree with a chainsaw.

Considering the chances of her seeing an actual superhero doing his part to make things better after a great calamity, Hanbury immediately posted photos of “Spider-Man” and shared it with her friends via Facebook.

“Omg! Just walked out the front door and found Spider-Man helping chainsaw down the huge tree covering our road! *Just snapped with iPhone, totally original, no photo shopping & no it’s not my husband lol. Just a cool thing that happened in front of my house of Riverview Blvd in Bradenton, Florida after Irma,” wrote Hanbury on her wall.

Hanbury’s husband, Alan, also caught a glimpse of the man in a costume who was truly carrying out a superhero-work.

“Spider-Man worked the tree, then swung off and jumped in his little black pickup with a friend and flew off!” said Hanbury. “I do not know why he was dressed as Spider-Man, nor do I know the name or identity of the masked man.”

Wearing a costume was indeed uncanny after a terrifying storm but Hanbury admitted that seeing Spiderman helping out was a breath of fresh air after all that the community had been through.

“It was a silver lining after waiting a long week for the hurricane to arrive. People were terrified and exhausted,” she said.

Hanbury is grateful that the hurricane was a little less terrifying than earlier predicted and that they are all safe.

The photos of Spiderman at work have gone viral and Hanbury had this to say: “To Spider-Man, I would like to say, ‘Thank you!’. I’m glad we have real-life heroes.”

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